[visionlist] Re: CfP fo Special Issue on 'Consciousness and Brain' of Neural Networks

John Taylor john.g.taylor at kcl.ac.uk
Sun Jan 21 12:14:26 GMT 2007

Dear Colleagues,                Apologies if you have received this 
before, but I want to invite you to submit a paper to the Special Issue 
of the premier journal Neural Networks on 'Consciousness and Brain'. 
The details are as below. I look forward to you paper, to help make 
this indeed a special issue of the journal on this most important 
subject of consciousness and on lcues as to how it may be created in 
the brain.

Call for Papers for a Special Issueoi on 'Consciousness and Brain'

Editors: JG Taylor (King's College London); A Cleeremeans (Universite 
Libre de Brussels); W Freeman (Univ of Berkeley, CA0

Consciousness is at the pinnacle of the cognitive powers of the human 
brain. Much progress is occurring in attempts to understand its brain 
basis through brain imaging and related techniques. Increasing numbers 
of proposals for the way consciousnesss arises from brain activity are 
now being proposed, based on these new results. It is thus opportune to 
bring together these various suggestions and other new ones from other 
fields (machine intelligence, cognitive science, etc). This call is 
thus an invitation to submit a paper which addresses one or other of 
the following questions:
1) What are the crucial underlying neural substrates for the creation 
of consciousness in the brain?
2) What is the crucial data that should be fitted by any neural model 
of consciousness?
3) What are the essential neural mechanisms for the creation of 
consciousness in the brain?
4) How do the various components of consciousness (such as unity, 
presence, transparency, inner self or other) arise from a given neural 
model of consciousness?
5) What are the critical data on consciousness that can be supported 
and/or simulated by the proposed model, or would be predicted by the 
6) What are the best future avenues to follow to attack consciousness?
7) What are the philosophical pitfalls that must be avoided in building 
a neural model of consciousness?
Please submit papers to Prof JG Taylor, Dept of Mathematics, King's 
College, Strand, London WC2R2LS, UK, or by the Elsevier electronic 
submission system, by June 1, 2007.   -- John Taylor
john.g.taylor at kcl.ac.uk

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