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Robert Hess robert.hess at mcgill.ca
Tue Mar 6 18:13:39 GMT 2007


A postdoctoral position is available at the McGill Vision Research
Unit.  I am looking for someone to study spatial  processing in normal
   and/or amblyopic vision (http://mvr.mcgill.ca/Robert/rhess_home.html).

Techniques may include psychophysics, image processing, TMS and FMRI.
Interested candidates should have, or be about to obtain, a PhD and
preferably have some experience with graphics programming (e.g. Macintosh,
VSG) and / or brain imaging analysis.

The McGill Vision Research Unit consists of about twenty
Faculty/postdocs/graduate-students working on neurophysiological,
psychophysical, computational and brain-imaging aspects of vision.
Montreal is a very pleasant, cosmopolitan and relatively inexpensive
city in which to live and our Research Center provides a very interactive
and international environment. McGill has a strong vision research environment
spanning human cognition to awake behaving primate neurophysiology.

Interested candidates should send CVs to robert.hess at mcgill.ca.

Robert F Hess (Prof)
Department of Ophthalmology
McGill University
Montreal, Quebec
Robert F Hess DSc.
Professor and Director of Research
Department of Ophthalmology
McGill University
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Tel. 514 934 1934 x 34815


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