[visionlist] Re: CVNet - psychedelic effects on perception?

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Tue May 1 14:14:19 GMT 2007

I found interesting a couple of mathematical accounts by Paul Bressloff:
"What geometric visual hallucinations tell us about the visual cortex",
Neural Computation 14 473-491 (2002)
        Alessio Plebe

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From: Denis Pelli <denis.pelli at gmail.com>
Date: Monday, April 23, 2007 7:21 pm
Subject: CVNet - psychedelic effects on perception?

> The students in my undergraduate class in Perception have requested 
> that I give them a lecture on effects of psychedelic drugs on
> perception. Can anyone recommend a good article or book?
> Denis Pelli
> Professor of Psychology and Neural Science
> http://psych.nyu.edu/pelli/
> P.S.
> I've ordered these two books:
> Richard Evans Schultes, et al.,  Plants of the Gods: Their Sacred,  
> Healing and Hallucinogenic Powers
> Timothy Leary's Psychedelic Reader
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