[visionlist] Announcement of NASA-funded research opportunity

Jeff Mulligan jbm at eos.arc.nasa.gov
Thu Jun 28 17:01:03 GMT 2007

NASA's Aviation Safety program has just released a new NRA (NASA Research
Announcement) that may be of interest to members of the vision science
community.  The solicitation is for 1-year proposals.  The budget for
new projects in Intelligent Integrated Flight Deck Technologies (IIFDT)
is $400k...  This might be used to fund 4 $100k projects, or the whole amount
might be used to fund a proposal that addressed multiple subtopics.
The deadline for proposals is July 27th (4 weeks).

The full solicitation can be found at:


I have copied the following subtopic which may be of particular interest
to vision researchers:

Topic #IIFDT-3.3
Discipline Area:  Operator Characterization
Research Topic:  Attention directing:  individual and ambient characteristics
Milestone supported:  1.5.9 - Identify operator traits as useful covariates or baselines.

Description:  Vision science has traditionally been concerned with characterization
of "visibility," i.e. when signal strength exceeds a psychophysical threshold.
However, this simple notion of visibility does not adequately describe operators'
perceived salience, or utility of a given stimulus.  Prior research has indicated
parameters other than signal strength influence exogenous attention directing and
persistent availability of this stimulus for more elaborate information processing.
As such, we require state-of-knowledge foundational research to parameterize
operator visual perception and related cognitive interpretive systems that influence
both exogenous attention capture and affect visual conspicuity.  Better understanding
of these factors will enable improved display and alerting designs for future
human/aviation system interfaces.  As these factors have great potential to
explain individual differences in multimodal information environments, this research
would support the project milestone to identify operator traits as useful covariates
or baselines (MS 1.5.9).

Expected outcome:  The expected outcomes include a review and assessment of the
current state of the art in this field.  Proposers should propose appropriate
metrics for different approaches and techniques and apply those metrics in the
assessment.  Based on review, proposers should identify approaches with the greatest
potiential and propose a research plan to further advance those approaches.

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