[visionlist] Accommodation models

Luis Diaz-Santana l.diazsantana at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 21:55:31 GMT 2007

Dear All,

I am interested in modelling accommodation and micro-fluctuations of  
accommodation to help me explain and understand some of the data  
collected as described in this paper:
Diaz-Santana, L. and Guériaux, V. and Arden, G. and Gruppetta, S.,   
“New methodology to measure the dynamics of ocular wave front  
aberrations during small amplitude changes of accommodation”, Opt.  
Express, 15, 5649--5663, (2007)

  Can any body point me in the direction of existing models of  
accommodation and of micro-fluctuations of accommodation? Both  
mathematical and heuristic models will be useful.

Many thanks

Luis Diaz-Santana
Department of Optometry and Visual Science
City University, Northampton Square
London, EC1V 0HB, UK.

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