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Dear Denis,

in the Roman Army, there were a variety of special types of 
centuriones (each commanding a century), e.g. "centurio frumentarius", 
responsible for the grain 
supply, etc. "Centurion Guard" might mean the "centurio speculator" 
(head of the personal 'bodyguards' of the praetor), or the "centurio 
excitator" (head of the cavalry patrol).  
I don't know whether there exists a proved reference on the acuity test 
you were mentioning, but you may want to ask Manfred Clauss in 
Frankfurt. He is professor (emeritus) for ancient history and edited an 
encyclopedia on Roman Military Expressions.

Homepage: http://web.uni-frankfurt.de/fb08/SAG/ueber/doz-mc.html
Email: clauss at em.uni-frankfurt.de


Denis Pelli schrieb:

> Reading various posting found through Google, I think the following is
> true:
> "The Roman legions required each candidate for Centurion Guard to
> resolve a pair of stars, Alcor and Mizar in Ursa Major, 12 min arc
> apart."
> However, I would like to publish this in an article. Can anyone specify
> a reference that I can cite for this fact?
> Denis Pelli
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> New York University
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> p.s.
> Were Centurion Guards lookouts?
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