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Dear Francisco,
Yes, microsaccades do occur during spontaneous ocular fixations, such as
those during visual exploration. I'm pasting below a reference of an article
I published last year in Progress in Brain Research. Pages 161-163 address
the issue of microsaccades during visual exploration in humans and monkeys.
Briefly, we found that periods of fixation account for approx. 80% of the
time spent in free-viewing (whether the head is restrained or unrestrained),
and that microsaccades produced during those fixation periods during
free-viewing have comparable dynamics to microsaccades produced during
prolonged fixation.
Martinez-Conde S (2006). "Fixational eye movements in normal and
pathological vision". Progress in Brain Research 154: 151-176.   
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Hi all. Does anyone knows if microsaccades are actually occuring during 
spontaneous ocular fixations? I'm having a hard time trying to find 
microsaccades in recordings of eye movements when the subject is freely 
exploring a natural image.
thanks in aedvance
Francisco Flores
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