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Dear colleagues,


My department at the University of Leuven is cleaning up some storage space
and wants to get rid of a collection of old books, including several by
Albert Michotte and his collaborators.  Rather than throwing them away, I
thought some colleagues might appreciate having one of these books.  I have
several copies available of the following four books :


(1) Michotte, A. (1954). La perception de la causalité (2nd éd.) [The
perception of causality (2nd ed.)]. Louvain: Études de Psychologie.  (Note :
This is the edition that was translated in English and published by Methuen
in 1963.) – 9 copies

(2) Michotte, A. et collaborateurs [and collaborators] (1962). Causalité,
permanence et réalité phénoménales [Phenomenal causality, permanence and
reality]. Louvain: Publications Universitaires de Louvain, Studia
Psychologica. (Note : This is a collection of papers by Michotte and his
collaborators, some of which have been translated in English and published
by Erlbaum in 1991 in a volume edited by Thinès, Costall and Butterworth.) –
9 copies

(3) Michotte, A., Thinès, G., & Crabbé, G. (1964). Les compléments amodaux
des structures perceptives [Amodal completions of perceptual structures].
Louvain: Publications Universitaires de Louvain, Studia Psychologica. – 10

(4) Thinès, G. (1962). Contribution à la théorie de la causalité perceptive:
Nouvelles recherches sur l’effet-entraînement [Contribution to the theory of
perceptual causality : New studies of the entraining effect]. Louvain:
Publications Universitaires de Louvain, Studia Psychologica. – 8 copies


I am willing to give these away for free to people who are interested in
Michotte’s work and who are able to read French.  One way in which this
could be arranged easily is to give them to you personally if you attend the
upcoming ECVP in Arezzo, Italy.  An alternative is to send them to your
university address.


If you are interested, send me an email including the references (or
numbers) of the books that you want and whether you attend ECVP or not.


For those of you who are not so familiar with Michotte’s work, I can refer
to a recent special issue of Acta Psychologica dedicated to Michotte’s
heritage in perception and cognition research (2006, Vol. 123, Nos. 1-2)
and, more specifically, to the introductory review paper opening the special
issue (PDF available upon request).




Johan Wagemans

Laboratory of Experimental Psychology

University of Leuven, Leuven, Belgium

Email : johan.wagemans at psy.kuleuven.be


Disclaimer: http://www.kuleuven.be/cwis/email_disclaimer.htm

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