[visionlist] 3rd International conference on cognitive science: Moscow, June 2008

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The Third International Conference on Cognitive Science
“Biennale of Cognitive Science 2008”
Moscow, Russia, June 20-25, 2008

Second Call For Papers

Institute of Psychology RAS, The Interregional Association for Cognitive Studies, and
the Russian Language Development Center announce pre-registration and abstract
submission open for the Third International Conference on Cognitive Science, to be
held in Moscow, Russia, June 20-25, 2008. 

In addition to sessions and workshops with oral presentations, special attention will
be given to poster sessions; these are planned to incorporate most of the papers. The
Program Committee will accept papers on the basis of their match to the Conference’s
subject, as well as the criteria of interdisciplinary relevance, novelty and
scientific significance. The Program Committee reserves the right to assign accepted
papers to a particular session of the conference.

This conference succeeds the First and Second Conferences on Cognitive Science held
in Kazan (2004) and St. Petersburg (2006) (see the Association’s website:
www.cogsci.ru). The conference aims to organize a multidisciplinary forum for
scientists exploring cognition and its evolution; intellect; thinking; perception;
consciousness; knowledge representation and acquisition; language as a means of
cognition and communication; brain mechanisms of cognition, emotion and higher forms
of behavior. Psychologists, linguists, neuroscientists, computer scientists,
philosophers, anthropologists, specialists in education, artificial intelligence,
neuroinformatics and cognitive ergonomics, as well as other researchers interested in
interdisciplinary research on cognition are invited to participate in the conference.

The central topics of the conference are the various aspects of and approaches to
development: from brain plasticity, genetics and evolutionary anthropology to language
acquisition and cross-cultural differences. Within the framework of these problems,
the following issues will also be discussed: the development of emotion, the effects
of fatigue in working and learning, the affective modulation of cognitive processes,
as well as the abnormal development of cognition and the corresponding neurogenetic
and neuropsychological mechanisms. At the same time, papers on all other major issues
in contemporary cognitive studies will be welcomed.

The conference program will include lectures by leading experts in multidisciplinary
cognitive studies. Invited speakers include the Nobel Prize winners Gerald Edelman and
Daniel Kahneman, as well as Lera Boroditsky, Marc Hauser, George Lakoff, Michael
Tomasello, Anne Treisman, Stella Vosniadou and others. Some of these lectures will
be named in honor of such outstanding students of cognition, brain and development
as Lev Vygotsky and Alexander Luria.

The working languages of the Conference are Russian and English. Accepted abstracts
will be published by the beginning of the Conference.

The deadline for abstract submission is December 1, 2007. Abstracts should be
submitted online via the conference website: 
Organizers of the Conference hope to keep the registration fee to a minimum. A
competition for Student Travel Fellowships is to be announced. For further details on
abstract submission and Travel Fellowships see the conference website. Applicants will
be notified of their status by March 1, 2008. 

Organizing Committee Chair – Yuri I. Alexandrov (Institute of Psychology RAS, Moscow)
Program Committee Chair – Boris M. Velichkovsky (Dresden and Moscow Universities)
Conference Secretary – Olga E. Svarnik (Institute of Psychology RAS, Moscow)
org at cogsci2008.ru

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