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David Ferster ferster at northwestern.edu
Wed Sep 19 13:48:07 GMT 2007

I currently have a postdoctoral fellowship position available in my  
laboratory at the Northwestern University Department of Neurobiology  
and Physiology. Our interests center on the neuronal circuitry of the  
visual cortex and how it performs the computations that generate  
cortical receptive field properties. Experiments combine intra- and  
extracellular recording from single neurons, 2-photon imaging, and  

Recent projects have addressed mechanisms underlying contrast  
invariance of orientation tuning, cross-orientation suppression,  
surround suppression, direction selectivity, spatial integration in  
complex cells, and synaptic depression at the thalamocortical synapse.

Finn, I.M., Priebe, N.J. and Ferster, D. (2007) The emergence of  
contrast-invariant orientation tuning in simple cells of the cat  
visual cortex. Neuron 54:137-152. [view]
Priebe, N.J. and Ferster, D. (2006) Mechanisms underlying cross- 
orientation suppression in cat primary visual cortex. Nature  
Neuroscience 9:552-561. [view]
Boudreau, C.E. and Ferster, D. (2005) Short-term synaptic depression  
in thalamocortical synapses of the cat primary visual cortex. Journal  
of Neuroscience 25:7179-7190. [view]
Priebe, N.J. and Ferster, D. (2005) Direction-selectivity of  
excitation and inhibition in simple cells of the cat primary visual  
cortex Neuron 45:133-145. [view]
Priebe, N.J., 1, Mechler, F., Carandini, M. and, Ferster, D. (2004)  
The contribution of the action potential threshold to the dichotomy  
between V1 simple and complex cells. Nature Neuroscience.  
7:1113-1122. [view]

A strong quantitative background, experience in cellular or central  
nervous system electrophysiology, experience in computer programming  
(LabVIEW and Matlab), or background in computational neuroscience  
would be an advantage.

Applications or inquiries to:

David Ferster
ferster at northwestern.edu.
Professor, Neurobiology and Physiology
Northwestern University
2205 Tech Drive
Evanston, IL 60208
847-491-4137 Phone
847-491-5211 Fax

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