[visionlist] Cosyne 2008 - Registration and abstract submission now open

Alex Wade wade at ski.org
Fri Nov 2 01:24:56 GMT 2007


                 Annual Meeting
    Computational and Systems Neuroscience (Cosyne)

      MAIN MEETING                     WORKSHOPS
   28 Feb - 2 Mar, 2008              3 - 4 Mar, 2008
  Salt Lake City, Utah        Snow Bird Ski Resort, Utah



Cosyne 2008 Announcements:

MAIN MEETING: the cosyne web site will be open for abstract submission 
on 1 November, and the SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS 30 NOVEMBER.  The program 
committee is listed below.

WORKSHOPS: the finalized list of workshops (further information 
available on the web site) is as follows:

1.  Linking Auditory Neurophysiology to Perception (Schnupp)
2.  The cortical microcircuit and cognitive function (Reynolds, Sommer)
3.  Neurophysiology in awake, behaving rodents (Laubach, Shuler)
4.  Solving systems neuroscience problems with molecular tools (Boyden)
5.  Reactivation and memory consolidation (Diba, Harris)
6.  Data sharing and modeling challenges in neuroscience - a first step 
      	towards predictive neuron models? (Roth, Gerstner, Sommer)
7.  Top down or bottom up? Measuring, modeling, and understanding
      	cross-scale neural interactions (Blanche, Koepsell)
8.  Dynamic faces: From experiments to novel computational neural
      	theories (Curio, Buelthoff, Giese)
9.  Recent advances in activity-dependent plasticity (Munro)
10. Spiking Networks and Reinforcement Learning (Szatmary, Izhikevich)
11. Real-time processing and the processing of time (Deneve, Buonomano)
12. Characterizing and decoding distributed brain representations
      	(Kriegeskorte, Walther, Kreiman, Kiani, Aguirre)
13. What can functional imaging tell us about population coding in
     	sensory systems? (Gardner, Huk, Schluppeck)


PROGRAM COMMITTEE (main meeting):
   Matteo Carandini (chair)
   Dora Angelaki
   Mathew Diamond
   Allison Doupe
   Adrienne Fairhall
   Michael Hasselmo
   Adam Kepecs
   Peter Latham
   Klaus Obermayer
   Bijan Pesaran
   John Reynolds
   Daniel Wolpert

   Tony Zador (CSHL)
   Alex Pouget (U Rochester)
   Zach Mainen (CSHL)
   Eero Simoncelli (NYU)

   General Chair:     Eero Simoncelli (NYU)
   Program Chair:     Matteo Carandini (Smith-Kettlewell)
   Workshop Chair(s): Fritz Sommer, Jascha Sohl-Dickstein (UC Berkeley)
   Publicity Chair:   Alex Wade  (Smith-Kettlewell)

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