[visionlist] Stimulus presentation in MEG-chamber

Maximilian Bruchmann maxe at psy.uni-muenster.de
Fri Nov 9 09:35:40 GMT 2007

Dear All,

we're planning to improve stimulus presentation possibilities in our 
MEG-lab, mainly concerning temporal and chromatic accuracy. So far,
we're using the common mirrored image of a video beamer, projected on 
the back of a semi-transparent screen. We would like to compare three 
options and if you have any opinion about, or experience with one of 
them, we would be happy to hear!

 >>> Option 1. A better projector
Projectiondesign (www.projectiondesign.com) seems to manufacture 
projectors that overcome a lot of typical problems. Does anyone use
these projectors? We would be especially interested in the following 
- manual color callibration > given a standard graphic card, do you 
really get "true" i.e. achromatic grey values?
- refresh rate > is it possible to run 1024 x 768 px at 100Hz? I've 
e-mailed the company but have not received any answer so far
- aspheric lense > as far as I understand it, this prevents that the 
image is sharp in the center but blurred in the periphery. Does it work?

Of course, if you have had good experience with other projectors, we 
would be happy to know.

 >>> Option 2. Two video beamers with a shutter device
   a) Is there a shutter you could recommend? How much would that be?
   b) Do you use commercial software to control the two beamers and 

 >>> Option 3. Has anyone tried to run a TFT-screen in the MEG-chamber?
Putting the power supply outside the chamber would reduce most of the 
electromegnetical interferences, wouldn't it? But there are surely more 
problems conntected to it. Any comments would be extremely welcome!

Thanks a lot in advance,
Max Bruchmann

Institute for Biomagnetism and Biosignalanalysis
University of Muenster
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