[visionlist] Postdoctoral position, Portland OR

Rowland Taylor taylorw at ohsu.edu
Sat Nov 17 01:44:10 GMT 2007

NIH funded postdoctoral position.

Retinal neurobiology. Electrophysiological recording from retinal  
ganglion cells, amacrine and bipolar cells in whole-mount and slice  
preparations of rabbit and mouse retina.
1) Synaptic mechanisms underlying complex receptive field properties  
of retinal ganglion cells.
2) Signal transmission through the rod pathway in mammalian retina.

Desirable experience/qualifications:
Patch-clamp recording; neuroscience; visual system; computer  
programming/data analysis; strong writing and communication skills.

For further details contact:

Rowland Taylor, Assoc. Prof.
Casey Eye Institute,
Department of Ophthalmology,
Oregon Health & Science University,
Office: +1 503 418 2680, Lab x2682.
Email: taylorw at ohsu.edu

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