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Aniruddha Das ad2069 at columbia.edu
Wed Jan 23 21:00:35 GMT 2008

Lab of Aniruddha Das
Columbia University, Dept of Neuroscience

Applications are invited for post doctoral 
positions to study the cortical mechanisms 
underlying early visual processing. There are 
currently three projects in the lab:
    * We have developed a technique for 
dual-wavelength optical imaging in the alert 
monkey, simultaneously measuring blood volume and 
oxygenation. Using this, we have discovered a 
novel, stimulus-independent anticipatory response 
in V1 that brings fresh arterial blood to cortex 
in expectation of predictable visual tasks. We 
are currently exploring the functional 
consequences of this novel cortical response.
    * Using the same optical imaging technique in 
alert monkeys we find nonlinear interactions 
amongst visual elements in V1, appropriate for 
parsing visual scenes into simple visual forms – 
contours, textures, simple shapes. The second 
project relates these measured nonlinearities to 
the animals’ reported perceptions of the same visual forms.
    * Using a novel technique for measuring 
tuning in fMRI signals we find, in human fMRI, 
some of the same tuned nonlinear neuronal 
interactions that we see in monkey optical 
imaging. This allows us to relate monkey 
physiology to more complex human perceptual tasks.

Candidates to work on these projects should have 
a strong quantitative background with a 
demonstrated interest in applying such 
quantitative methods to problems in neurobiology. 
Experience working in visual neurophysiology, 
particularly with alert animals is preferred, 
though not a requirement. The candidate’s Ph.D. 
could be in Neuroscience, Physics, Computer 
Science, Engineering or a related field. A 
facility with Matlab / IDL and / or C++ is highly desirable.

We are located in the Center for Integrative 
Neuroscience at Columbia University. We share a 
floor with 5 other groups also working on issues 
of systems neuroscience – with diverse interests 
ranging over attentional mechanisms, oculomotor 
control, emotional circuitry and computational 
neurobiology. Our Center is committed to 
maintaining a strongly interactive and 
collaborative atmosphere amongst the different laboratories.

Please send inquiries or CVs plus the names of 3 references to:
Aniruddha Das (ad2069 at columbia.edu).

Aniruddha Das
Department of Neuroscience,
Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons
1051 Riverside Drive, Unit 87,
NYSPI Kolb Annex Rm 563
New York, NY 10032-2695

ph: 212 543-6931 x 200
fax: 212 543-5816
e-mail: ad2069 at columbia.edu  
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