[visionlist] special issue of CVIU on multimedia retrieval evaluation

Henning Müller henning.mueller at sim.hcuge.ch
Mon Feb 25 11:27:47 GMT 2008

Concerns: Special Issue of CVIU on Multimedia Retrieval Evaluation

  The submission deadline for papers for the CVIU Special Issue on Image
  and Video Retrieval Evaluation has been extended to the 30th of April 

  The Call for Papers is also here:
  Computer Vision and Image Understanding
  Special Issue on Image and Video Retrieval Evaluation

  Guest Editors:

      * Allan Hanbury, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
      * Henning Müller, University and Hospitals of Geneva, Switzerland
      * Paul Clough, The University of Sheffield, UK

  Important Dates:

  Manuscript submission: 30 April 2008 (extended deadline)
  Acceptance Notification: 1 September 2008
  Final Manuscript Due: 1 November 2008
  Special Issue to Publisher: 15 January 2009
  Expected Publication Date: Mid 2009


  Visual information is ubiquitous and the amount produced with cheap
  digital cameras is rising strongly. To better manage this information,
  content-based image and video retrieval has been proposed for general
  retrieval as well as in specialised domains. While many techniques have
  been developed for image and video retrieval, one of the problems is
  that many published approaches are very difficult to compare to each
  other as varying databases, performance measures, and methodologies are

  In order to mitigate this problem, there has been increased focus on the
  evaluation of visual information retrieval systems in the last years.
  Similar to the text retrieval domain many years ago, several visual
  information retrieval benchmarks with a varying focus have been created
  and run. This evaluation is particularly important as many visual
  information retrieval techniques and systems are at the point where they
  are ready to leave the academic field and become integrated into
  commercial prototypes and products. This requires techniques not only to
  be interesting as theoretical approaches but also to be comparable with
  respect to performance obtained.

  The role of this special issue is to fill the need for a comprehensive
  overview of the current visual information retrieval evaluation
  activities. This is envisioned to include evaluation campaigns as well
  as activities at a lower level, such as dataset creation, innovative
  approaches to ground truth collection and relevance judgements,
  discussion of evaluation metrics and the planning of "realistic" queries
  and user models.


  The scope of this special issue is to cover all aspects of the
  evaluation of visual information retrieval.

  Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

      * Evaluation campaigns
      * Evaluation techniques
      * Evaluation metrics
      * Datasets and dataset creation
      * Query topic creation
      * Ground truth collection
      * Relevance judgements
      * Evaluation of image and video features for retrieval
      * Challenges in image and video retrieval evaluation
      * User requirement modelling and user modelling
      * Evaluation of user interfaces to search engines

  Submission Procedure:

  Papers should be appropriate for journal publication. Submissions should
  follow the guidelines set out by the CVIU.

  When submitting papers, the authors should select the specific article
  type indicated AND include a line in their cover letter as a failsafe
  [example: "This manuscript is submitted to the Special Issue on Image
  and Video Retrieval Evaluation"].

  All papers should be submitted via the CVIU web-site with Article Type
  'Special Issue: Image and Video Retrieval'

  Full author guides (Preparation of Manuscript, Copyright and
  Permissions, Author Inquiries, Submission of Manuscripts) and on-line
  submission links can be found at the above link.

  All papers will be peer reviewed following the CVIU reviewing procedures.

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