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Robert Montés Micó robert.montes at uv.es
Mon Mar 3 15:16:32 GMT 2008

Dear Colleagues,

I want to inform you about the launch of a new scientific peer-reviewed
publication, Journal of Optometry (JO). 


Audience of JO includes Optometrists, Ophthalmologists and Visual Scientists
as well as undergraduate and post-graduate students in these fields. 


The JO welcomes the submission of original manuscripts and reviews
describing clinical and experimental research in the field of Optometry,
Ophthalmic Optics, Ocular Surface and Basic and Applied Visual Science in
general; research on Instruments and Techniques, Reports of Clinical Cases,
and clinically relevant laboratory investigations are also welcomed. The
journal will be published each

3 months and is accessible for free on the Internet at


The JO publishes Full-Length Original Articles, Technical Reports, Critical
Reviews, Case Reports, Editorials, Correspondence to Editor and other
Authors. Manuscripts must be submitted in English language irrespective of
the native language of the authors. Within each issue, all abstracts will be
translated into Spanish by the Editorial Office. Periodically, selected
articles from each issue will be also translated into Spanish in order to
widespread the scientific knowledge and expand the readership of the


All manuscript types including Full-Length Original Articles, Technical
Reports, Critical Reviews, Case Reports and Editorials are peer-reviewed
prior publication. The JO does not reveal the identities of the reviewers to
the authors and does not allow the authors to make proposals for the
reviewers of their work. Authors publishing in JO retain the copyright of
their articles. All manuscripts are accepted under the author’s compromise
that they have not been and will not be published elsewhere in any format,
and that there are no ethical concerns with the contents or data collection.

Authors may be requested to produce the data upon which the manuscript is
based and to answer expeditiously any questions about the manuscript or its
authors. The authors also warrant that the information submitted is not
redundant and respects general guidelines of ethics in publishing.


The main journal features are: 

Free on-line access

Large readership

Authors retain copyright of their work

Print version also available 

International Editorial Board 

Online manuscript submission and tracking system 

Color publication on-line and black & white in printed version 

Movies are accepted 


I hope those of you who work in these areas considers the JO to publish your


Sincerely yours,


Robert Montés-Micó


Journal of Optometry




Dr. Robert Montés-Micó OD, MPhil, PhD

Associate Professor


Journal of Optometry


Optics Department, University of Valencia

C/ Dr. Moliner 50. 46100 (Burjassot)




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