[visionlist] Re: CRT Vs LCD

Ali Ozgur Argunsah argunsah at su.sabanciuniv.edu
Tue Mar 4 19:13:21 GMT 2008

There are very fast LCDs. Did anyone try them?

Note: Example, www.viewsonic.com/pdf/wp_4msResponseTime050205.pdf

Vaegan wrote:
> I agree with all comments about LCDs failing to follow fast/brief changes. It 
> has been extensively discussed on this list. There should be a way to retrieve 
> the thread but I have never found it - does any one know?.
> I don't see a looming CRT shortage yet. You can buy any number of high quality 
> 24" CRT trinitron monitors here. I got a new HP1230 for ca $A400 last year and 
> there are lots of second hand monitors from traders, let alone EBay for less. I 
> could easily stock a room with them. The second had ones will be around for a 
> while and cheap because they get traded in. They are huge, weigh a ton, are 
> hard to move and no one except vision scientists want them!
> Yrs truly
> Vaegan,
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