[visionlist] Workshop on Perception of Material Properties in 3D Scenes

David Brainard brainard at psych.upenn.edu
Wed Mar 5 02:11:15 GMT 2008

Subject: Workshop on Perception of Material Properties in 3D Scenes

A workshop on Perception of Material Properties in 3D Scenes will be
held at the Institute for Research in Cognitive Science at the
University of Pennsylvania, October 17-19, 2008.

The workshop will examine questions that arise from considering
object surface
properties in 3D scenes, which sit at the intersection of the fields of
visual perception, computer vision, and computer graphics.  These
include a) what is the effect of object material (e.g. wood, plastic,
metal) on color and lightness perception (visual perception), b) how
are object reflectance properties best measured and parameterized
(computer graphics and computer vision), c) what are good models of
image formation for complex scenes (computer graphics and computer
vision), d) how do we perceive what materials an object is made of
(visual perception), e) how do we integrate chromatic information
across the image of an object to arrive at unified percept of the
object=92s color (visual perception), f) what information that might
allow separation of object and illuminant properties is available in
the image (computer vision), and g) whether this information used by
vision (visual perception)?

Work on these questions has already led to new consideration of the
interactions between object shape and  orientation, object material, and
the distribution of illumination in a scene (=93the light field=94), and
to led to
thinking about color, lightness, gloss, and visual roughness as a set
of perceptual
attributes that together inform us about object properties, rather
than dimensions that should be studied separately.

Invited talks will be given by Ted Adelson, Bart Anderson, Marina
Bloj, David Brainard, Mike Chantler,  Hany Farid, Roland Fleming,
David Foster, Karl Gegenfurtner, Alan Gilchrist, Anya Hurlbert, Larry
Maloney, Shin'ya Nishida, Sylvia Pont, Qasim Zaidi,  and Todd Zickler.

To register to attend the workshop or to present a poster, please go
to URL http://color.psych.upenn.edu/workshop08/.

Registration for workshop attendees is $80.00. This registration fee
includes access
to all activities and talks, as well as a boxed lunch on Friday.
There is also an optional
workshop dinner on Saturday, October 18. The cost is $75.00 per
person for workshop
attendees.  Scholarship support for student and post-doc attendance
may be available, the
registration site provides details for applying for assistance.


David Brainard
Anya Hurlbert
Larry Maloney

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