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Please find details of the annual AVA meeting to be held in April at  
The University of Manchester....

AVA annual meeting 2008 Tuesday 1st APRIL , in conjunction with The  
University of Manchester?s Neuroscience Research Institute

University of Manchester, Stopford Building, Oxford Road

10.00 Registration and morning coffee (Foyer outside lecture theatre)

11.00 Session 1 (lecture theatre 2) Chair person: Marco Bertamini
On the Role of Fourier Spectra in the Separation of Transparent Motion  
Johannes M. Zanker & Andrew Meso (Royal Holloway University of London)

Subtracting Out Redundancy in 1-d and 2-d Image Signals: Illustrations  
from Tilt After-effects and Contrast Matching
Langley, K.1 & Anderson, S.J2 (1 University College London, 2 Aston  

Detecting image symmetry using single linear filters
Lewis D Griffin (University College London)

Naso-temporal asymmetry for signals invisible to the retinotectal pathway
Sumner, Petroc1, Bompas, Aline1, Robert, Rafal2 (1 Cardiff University,  
2 University of Wales)

Eye Movement Prediction in Visual Interactive Environments Considering  
Physical Actions
Ali Borji (Institute for Studies in Theoretical Physics and  
Mathematics, Tehran, Iran)

12.40 Lunch and posters (Foyer outside lecture theatre 2)

13.20 Business meeting (lecture theatre 2)

13.40 Session 2 (lecture theatre 2) Chair person: Emma Gowen

The Geoffrey Burton Memorial Lecture:

Dr. Kate Plaisted (University of Cambridge)
Magnocellular processing in autism

Implicit Memory of Visual Context is intact in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Anastasia Kourkoulou, John M Findlay, Susan R Leekam (University of Durham)

Is inhibition of return blind?
Geoff G. Cole1, Paul A. Skarratt2, & Gellatly, A. R. H3 (1 University  
of Durham, 2 University of Hull, 3 Oxford Brookes University).

Inferring attentional capture by differences in search slopes.
Paul A. Skarratt, Geoff G. Cole, & Gellatly, A. R. H (University of Hull)

15.20 Coffee break and posters (Foyer outside lecture theatre 2)

15.40 Session 2 (lecture theatre 2) Chair person: Mark Scase
An ERP investigation of changes in facial expression.
Michael J Wright (Brunel University)

Contrasted pattern of brain activity in negative priming: a MEG study.
F. Boy, S. D. Muthukumaraswamy, K. D. Singh & P. Sumner (Cardiff University)

The role of convexity in the integration of ordinal and metric cues in depth
Marco Bertamini, Jasna Martinovic, Sophie Wuerger (University of Liverpool)

Perception of motion-in-depth using binocular cues: a fair comparison  
of changing disparity and inter-ocular velocity differences
Julie M. Harris, Harold T. Nefs and Catherine E. Grafton (University  
of St Andrews)

17.00 Wine and buffet reception and posters (Foyer outside lecture theatre 2)

Posters (in alphabetical order)

Active adaptation of colour perception across the visual field.
Aline Bompas and Petroc Sumner (School of Psychology, Cardiff University, UK)

How does the frontal eye field (FEF) affect early visual processing?  
Contrast discrimination in patients with FEF lesions
Ursula Budnik1, Robert Rafal2 and Petroc Sumner1 (1Cardiff University;  
2 University of Wales, Bangor)

The Physiological Basis Of rTMS-Induced Speed Bias: Facilitation or  
Suppression of Neural Processing?
Burton, M.P., McKeefry, D.J., Barrett, B.T. & Vakrou, C (University of  

Comparison of the estimates of receptive field centre sizes of retinal  
ganglion cells using the Hermann grid illusion and Westheimer functions.
Michael J.Cox and Jose B. Ares-Gomez (University of Bradford)

The movement of motion-defined contours can bias perceived position
Szonya Durant and Johannes M. Zanker (Royal Holloway, University of London)

Spatial frequency processing in the central visual field and  
Task-dependent effects on perception of natural scenes in hemianopes
Isabelle Gaudry 1, 2, 3, Olivier Coubard 1, 2, Céline Cavezian 1, 2,  
Carole Peyrin 1, Céline Perez 1, 2, 3, Mickaël Obadia 3, Olivier Gout  
3, Sylvie Chokron 1, 2, 3
(1CNRS, Grenoble, France; 2 ERT TREAT VISION, Paris, France;3 Service  
de Neurologie, Fondation Ophtalmologique Rothschild, Paris, France)

Multisensory processing in autism spectrum disorders
Lois Grayson1, Josie Briscoe2, Petroc Sumner1 & Alex O. Holcombe3 (1  
Cardiff University; 2 Bristol University; 3 University of Sydney)

A case of developmental prosopagnosia: the role of experience in face  
L.A. Hill and M.O. Scase (De Montfort University)

Low-contrast classification images and early nonlinearities.
W. McIlhagga (Bradford University)

Involuntary inhibition of movement initiation alters oculomotor  
competition resolution
  Eugene McSorley and Alice G. Cruickshank (University of Reading)

Distinct position assignment mechanisms revealed by cross-order motion
Andrea Pavan1 and George Mather2 (1University of Padua; 2 University  
of Sussex)

Measuring the impact of ocular aberrations on contrast sensitivity;  
the importance of orientation
Tahir HJ1, Pallikaris A2, Parry NRA3 and Murray IJ1 (1 The University  
of Manchester; 2 Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, University of Crete)

Ipsilesional attentional deficits in left hemianopia
Celine Perez1, 2, 3, Olivier Coubard 1, 2,, Seta Kazandjian1,2,   
Jacqueline Lainé 1, 2, Mickaël Obadia 3, Olivier Gout 3, Monte  
Buchsbaum4, & Sylvie Chokron 1, 2, 3 (1 CNRS, Grenoble, France; 2 ERT  
TREAT VISION, Paris, France;3 Fondation Ophtalmologique Rothschild,  
Paris, France; 4 Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Mount,  Sinai Medical  
Center, New York)

Model-free estimation of a threshold from a psychometric function
K. ?ychaluk and D.H. Foster (University of Manchester)

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