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Melchior, Christine (NIH/CSR) [E] melchioc at csr.nih.gov
Wed May 14 10:37:19 PDT 2008

> The Center for Scientific Review (CSR) at NIH currently has many
> openings for Scientific Review Officer (SRO) positions covering all
> areas of expertise. This is an exciting job and supports the vital
> mission of NIH to support and conduct medical and behavioral research.
> The work of the SROs is highly valued by NIH and the scientific
> community because the single most important factor in determining
> whether a grant application is funded by NIH is how well it fares in
> peer review. 
> The following is a link to the current vacancy announcement: This link
> outlines the job description as well as the expected qualifications of
> a successful candidate. The candidate is expected to have significant
> research experience as an independent investigator beyond the
> postdoctoral level. The job number is CSR08-264838-CR-DE and may be
> located at http://tinyurl.com/457pjc. 
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