[visionlist] 20th Symposium of the International Colour Vision Society (ICVS09)

Sérgio Nascimento smcn at fisica.uminho.pt
Wed Aug 20 08:52:13 PDT 2008

The 20th Symposium of the International Colour Vision Society (ICVS) will
take place in the University of Minho, Braga, Portugal, from Friday July
24th to Tuesday July 28th, 2009. 

The meeting will encompass fundamental, applied, and clinical aspects of
research into colour vision, ranging from the molecular to the cognitive. In
addition to the keynote presentation, there will be topical symposia, along
with individual contributions reflecting the diversity of interests of the
members of the ICVS, who include physiologists, psychologists, physicists,
engineers, geneticists, optometrists, ophthalmologists and other related
professionals with interests in colour vision and colour-vision

A social and cultural programme will allow participants to relax and
interact informally between sessions and will include visits to some of the
most beautiful areas of northern Portugal, most notably the Douro valley,
where the grapes for Port wine are grown.

Fore more information go to the meeting website
(http://labcolour.fisica.uminho.pt/icvs) or contact Sérgio Nascimento
(smcn at fisica.uminho.pt).

Scientific program overview:

Invited speakers:
David M Hunt, Institute of Ophthalmology University College London
Thomas Wachtler-Kulla, Philipps-Universität Marburg
Bevil R. Conway, Wellesley College, MA
Historical talk:
J. D. Mollon and L. Cavonius

Colour vision and the statistics of natural scenes
organizer: David H Foster, The University of Manchester

Colour perception and art
organizer: Sérgio Nascimento, Minho University
Genetics and pigments
organizer: James K Bowmaker, Institute of Ophthalmology University College
Interactions of color and shape variations in material perception
organizer: Qasim Zaidi, State University of New York
Temporal aspects of color vision
organizer: Andrew Stockman, Institute of Ophthalmology University College

Sérgio Nascimento
Department of Physics
University of Minho, Braga, Portugal
smcn at fisica.uminho.pt

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