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The Journal of Modern Optics is soliciting submissions for a special issue
on the Stiles Crawford Effects and Photoreceptor Optics.  This special
issue,  celebrating the 75 th anniversary of the discovery of the effect, to
be edited by  V. Lakshminarayanan (University of Waterloo;
vengu at uwaterloo.ca),  will accept submissions on all aspects of Stiles
Crawford effects and photoreceptor optics, including imaging, psychophysics,
and other methodologies, instrumentation, clinical applications, and other
related  issues such as photometry.   

The Journal of Modern Optics  (formerly Optica Acta) has published a number
of special issues related to vision science and biomedical optics in the
recent past, the most recent being the special issue on the 3rd European
Meeting on Physiological Optics (Volume 55, numbers4-5, 2008).  Submission
details, author information, etc.  can be found in:
.  All papers will be peer reviewed and the publisher Taylor and Francis
promises rapid publication (within 6 weeks of acceptance).   All images in
color will be published in color on the web edition. 

The deadline for submissions  is December 31, 2008.   Please note on the
title page that the paper is intended for the special issue on Stiles
Crawford Effects and Photoreceptor Optics.  Please contact the editor if
there are any questions.




Vasudevan (Vengu) Lakshminarayanan

Professor, Optometry, Physics and Electrical Engineering

School of Optometry

University of Waterloo

200 University Avenue West

Waterloo, ON N2L 3G1


Phone: +1 519.888.4567 ext. 38167 (office);

ext.36619 (lab)

Fax: +1 519.725.0784

email: vengu at uwaterloo.ca


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