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Michael Herzog michael.herzog at epfl.ch
Tue Sep 16 05:33:05 PDT 2008

5 PhD and 4 PostDoc positions in reward-based learning

The Swiss National Science Foundation funds a new collaborative project
involving 3 groups at the EPFL (Wulfram Gerstner, Carmen Sandi, Michael
Herzog) as well as groups in Berne (Walter Senn) and Lugano (Juergen Schmidhuber).
We are particularly interested in biologically plausible models for learning and memory which explain animal and human behavior. The current project aims to extend the theory of reward-based learning in spiking neurons to networks, link it to formal policy gradient and TD methods, and apply it to perceptual learning, spatial navigation, and sequence learning.

The collaborative project seeks candidates with an interest in psychophysics (Herzog), computational neuroscience or machine learning (Gerstner, Senn, Schmidhuber), and animal behavior (Sandi).

Applications should be submitted to the individual labs:

Wulfram Gerstner http://lcn.epfl.ch
    Laboratory of Computational Neuroscience, EPFL

Carmen Sandi  http://lgc.epfl.ch
    Laboratory of Behavioral Genetics, EPFL

Michael Herzog http://lpsy.epfl.ch/
    Laboratory of Psychophysics, EPFL

Juergen Schmidhuber http://www.idsia.ch/~juergen/sinergia2008.html
    IDSIA, Lugano

Walter Senn (http://www.physio.unibe.ch/Positions/)
     Computational Neuroscience/Institute of Physiology, Berne

PS: Switzerland is a good place for scientists. It is the origin of
special relativity (1905) and the World Wide Web (1990), it is associated
with 105 Nobel laureates, and boasts the world's highest number of Nobel
prizes per capita, the highest number of publications per capita, the
highest number of patents per capita, the highest citation impact
factor, the most cited single-author paper, etc. Switzerland also got
the highest ranking in the list of happiest countries  :-) .

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