[visionlist] Soft metrology and transparency

Osvaldo Da Pos osvaldo.dapos at unipd.it
Sat Nov 8 20:32:16 PST 2008

Soft metrology and transparency

1.    How is it possible to perform instrumental measurement of
perceived transparency / translucency?

2.    The question has a relevant industrial and commercial impact.
The CIE Technical Committee TC1-72 aims to give an up-to-date answer
to a series of problems related to the "soft metrology" of visual
appearance such as glossiness, transparency, texture.

3.    I am leading the work relative to the measurement of
transparency, and for this reason I am addressing the vision community
to invite interested people to offer possible contributions.

4.    As a first step, we would like, as usual, to collect and
annotate the relevant literature in the field of achromatic and
chromatic transparency. Papers on transparency are really numerous and
I am inviting all willing colleagues to supply either references, or,
still better, full texts of experimental works on transparency /
translucency: to    <osvaldo.dapos at unipd.it>.

5.    The collected material will be put on the TC1-72 website and be
available to all contributors, whose collaboration will be publicly

6.    Most of the literature on chromatic transparency up to 1999 has
been quoted in a paper of mine which is available at:

7.    The final outcome of the work will be: a satisfying definition
of the terms, a good phenomenal description of the transparency
appearance, a list of the main models, a list of the main physical
variables affecting the visual appearance of transparency
(psychophysics), the necessary viewing conditions, the most current

Many thanks for your kind attention,            Osvaldo da Pos

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