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Meese, Timothy S t.s.meese at aston.ac.uk
Fri Dec 5 04:43:30 PST 2008

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PROGRAMME: AVA Christmas Meeting 2008

19th December 2008
Merchant Venturers Building

University of Bristol
Woodland Road
Lecture Theatre 1.11 (talks)
Atrium (registration, tea/coffee, posters, and evening reception)

10.00 Registration and Coffee/tea

10.50 Welcome
Tim Meese and Tom Troscianko

11.00 Invited talk
Getting distracted: camouflage and attention
Innes Cuthill, T. Troscianko & E. Howell
(University of Bristol, UK)

What is binocular vision for? Clues from birds

Our perceptual prior for orientation is strong, highly flexible (and
Allen & Baddeley

An information theoretic analysis of eye movements when viewing photographs:
effects of task, image, scale and time
Baddeley & Tatler

Can a Bayesian model of perceived speed explain why pursued stimuli appear
Champion & Freeman

12.30 Lunch and posters

1.30 CRS Guest lecture
Dynamics of population responses in visual cortex
Matteo Carandini
(University College London, UK)

Attention as Inference: Optimal feature integration in visual search
Vincent, Baddeley, Troscianko & Gilchrist

The N3+ model of human edge detection and optimal edge detectors

Energy versus Gradient models? Why one might prefer a hybrid instead
Langley, Lefebvre & Anderson

Breaking space: intransitivity of distance judgements
Svarverud, Gilson & Glennerster

3.00 Tea/Coffee and posters

3.25 Marr Medal Introduction
Mark Georgeson
3.30 Marr Medal talk
Rapid sensory influences on motor competition
Petroc Sumner & A. Bompas
(Cardiff University, UK)

Comparison of perceptual and motor decisions via confidence judgments and
saccade curvature
Cardoso-Leite & Gorea

S cone signals invisible to the motion system can improve global motion
extraction via grouping-by-colour
Martinovic, Wuerger & Meyer

Global motion processing deficits in the elderly
Hutchinson, Allen, Ledgeway & Gayle

Tom Troscianko: the sunset minutes
Troscianko & Fennell

5.00 Wine and posters

In alphabetical order
(Poster board size: 1m x 1m)

1. Guessing in an extended SDT model explains interval bias in 2AFC
detection tasks
Alcalá-Quintana & García-Pérez

2. The effect of eye-movements and surround motion on bistable plaids
Baker & Graf

3. Dissociation between saccadic choice and latency: a challenge for race
Bompas & Sumner

4. The influence of slant on perceived straight ahead.
Brandwood & Rushton

5. Patients with discrete pulvinar lesions show contrast perception
impairments in the periphery.
Budnik, Rafal & Sumner

6. Adaptation to collinear pursuit and retinal motion reveals non-linear
combinations of component motion aftereffects.
Davies & Freeman

7. Seeing the past.  Situation awareness is influenced by old information
when workload is high.
Edgar, Catherwood & Melhuish

8. Task-based analysis of an online map service with differing display
Is there an effect of familiarity of location?
Gage, Dixon, Nikolov, Noyes & Groen

9. Rightwards shift of attention late in a fixation during reading
Ghahghaei, Dubey, Davis, Fischer, & Linnell

10. The effect of stimulus luminance on the spatial acuity of the hen
(Gallus g. domesticus)

Gover, Jarvis, Abeyesinghe & Wathes

11. Two different loci for processing luminance-modulated and
contrast-modulated noise stimuli?
Hairol & Waugh

12. Spatial frequency tuning of a contour-selective mechanism
Hancock, McGovern & Peirce

13. The view from the sidelines: salience, relevance and eye movement
convergence while watching a football match

Howard, Gilchrist, & Troscianko

14. Change detection strategies in multi-modal and uni-modal human

15. Temporally low-pass adapting mechanisms lead to temporally high-pass
distortions in tilt after-effects
Lefebvre, Langley, & Bex

16. Modelling saccadic decision-making

17. The spatial and temporal tuning of plaid-form selective mechanisms
McGovern, Hancock & Peirce

18. Saccadic eye movements as a measure of perceptual decision-making
McSorley, McCloy, Cruickshank, & Inman

19. Visual acuity at low illuminance and contrast in fog.
Ozolinsh, Colomb, Ikaunieks & Fomins

20. Emotion and motion in facial expressions modulate the attentional blink.
Roesch, Sander, & Scherer

21. Decoding psychophysical performance from multi-electrode array
recordings in the mouse visual cortex

Saleem, Lee, Apergis-Schoute & Schultz

22. Extra-foveal processing in visual short-term memory: Facilitatory or
Sapkota, Pardhan & van der Linde§

23. A direct comparison of selective adaptation and multivariate pattern
analyser methods in fMRI

Sapountzis, Schluppeck, Bowtell & Peirce

24. A visual search asymmetry for bandlimited two-dimensionality

25. Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) differentially affects OEsignal¹
and OEnoise¹ depending on stimulation intensity
Stevens, McGraw, Ledgeway & Schluppeck

26. Seeing colour while ignoring motion: selective feature-based attention
Taya, Adams, Graf & Lavie

27. A role for contour integration in biological motion processing
Thirkettle, Scott-Samuel & Benton

28. Crowding effects in suprathreshold discriminations of natural images
To, Gilchrist, Troscianko, Lovell & Tolhurst

29. Why did the zebra get its stripes?
Watkins & Scott-Samuel

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