[visionlist] P&P gets an A

Jeremy M. Wolfe jmwolfe at rics.bwh.harvard.edu
Thu Dec 11 02:44:45 PST 2008

P&P gets an ?A?

Starting in 2009, the journal Perception and Psychophysics will become 
Attention, Perception, and Psychophysics (AP&P).

Research in attention has mushroomed in recent years and has become 
deeply entwined with the study of perception. This has been reflected 
the contents of Perception and Psychophysics where the percentage of 
attention papers has risen from 5% in 1987 to 45% in 2007 (ISI Web of 
Science). Starting in 2009, the journal will reflect this change, 
becoming the only major scientific publication with ?attention? in its 
title, signaling our desire to be the premier outlet for research in 
attention while continuing our commitment to publishing the best in 
perception and psychophysics in all sensory modalities.

The name change is just one part of substantial program of innovation 
starting under the new editorial board.

1)	Review lag and publication lag have dropped significantly in the past year.

2)	AP&P will feature a new Short Reports section, monthly invited 
Tutorials on important topics in the field, and new editorial content 
reporting on important papers elsewhere.

3)	With our new website, full color pdfs will be available. 	Visit: 

We look forward to you next breakthrough, submitted through the website

I would be happy to answer your inquiries

Jeremy Wolfe
wolfe at search.bwh.harvard.edu

Associate Editors: Charlie Chubb, Bradley Gibson, Simon Grondin, Lynne  
Nygaard, Adriane Seiffert, Josh Solomon, Shaun Vecera

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