[visionlist] Two Post-doc fellowships in Leo Chelazzi's Lab

Chiara Della Libera chiara.dellalibera at medicina.univr.it
Thu Jan 1 00:01:08 PST 2009

Two Postdoctoral Fellowships available in Leonardo Chelazzi's lab at the University of Verona.

Two positions at the postdoctoral level will be available in Leonardo Chelazzi's lab at the University of Verona, beginning in early spring 2009 (two-years duration, renewable). One position is reserved for someone to be fully in charge of a newly established TMS unit; the other is for someone to carry out single-unit recording experiments with behaving macaques. The successful candidates will have the opportunity to investigate the brain mechanisms of visual selective attention and the complex interplay between selective attention and other cognitive functions, such as learning and memory, motivation and decision making (www.attention-lab.net). 

Job requirements: 

-         Solid background in the general area of cognitive neuroscience. 

-         Strong documented experience in the relevant experimental methodologies, i.e. excellent mastering of the TMS technique and its applications within cognitive neuroscience for the first position and previous experience in single-unit and/or multi-unit recordings from behaving monkeys for the second position.

-         Excellent programming and statistical skills. 

-         Strong motivation. 

-          Creative approach towards scientific research.

Please note that knowledge of the Italian language is not a requirement.

If interested, please send your application, a detailed CV and two reference letters to:
leonardo.chelazzi at univr.it
or to:

Prof. Leonardo Chelazzi

Dept. of Neurological and Vision Sciences - Section of Physiology

University of Verona

I- 37134 Strada Le Grazie 8, Verona (Italy)

Applications will be accepted if received before March 1, 2009.
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