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START DATE: Summer '09

This position is in the lab of Jeremy Wolfe and Todd Horowitz. We  
conduct psychophysical/behavioral research primarily in the area of  
visual attention. How do you find what you are looking for in a world  
full of things you are not looking for? How does a radiologist find a  
tumor in an x-ray? How does a baggage screener find a bomb? What is  
vision like without attention? How is attention deployed? How do you  
attend to an object if it moves around? What if it disappears? Healthy  
young adults are the experimental observers for most experiments. The  
position involves all stages of the research process from planning  
experiments and preparing documents for the ethics review board to  
helping to write up results for publication, but the main focus is  
data collection and analysis. Funding permitting, RAs usually attend  
and present at one scientific meeting each year.

This position requires a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science  
degree. A major in Psychology or related field would be plus, but

is not necessary. Some research experience would also be useful. The  
lab is primarily Macintosh based. A candidate should have some  
computer experience and should be willing to learn how to use our  
statistics, graphics, and word processing packages. Programming  
experience is not necessary, but familiarity with MatLab would be a  
plus. A candidate must work in an organized, independent manner on  
multiple tasks and should be able to interact with subjects in a  
tactful and pleasant manner.

This is an excellent position for a new college graduate who wants

to spend two or more years in a research setting before going on to

graduate or medical school. NOTE: A two-year commitment is required.  
The position is not appropriate for those with advanced degrees. Visa  
and funding issues make it extremely difficult to hire non-US residents.

If interested, please contact

Jeremy M Wolfe - wolfe at search.bwh.harvard.edu

and/or Todd Horowitz - toddh at search.bwh.harvard.edu

Visual Attention Lab

Brigham & Women's Hospital

64 Sidney St., Cambridge, MA 02139

Visit our website: http://search.bwh.harvard.edu/

Jeremy M Wolfe
Professor of Ophthalmology
Harvard Medical School

Mailing Address:
Visual Attention Lab
Brigham & Women's Hospital
64 Sidney St. Suite. 170
Cambridge, MA  02139-4170

Phone: 	617-768-8818
Fax: 	617-768-8816

Best email: wolfe at search.bwh.harvard.edu
URL: search.bwh.harvard.edu

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