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James Zacher zacher at cvr.yorku.ca
Fri Feb 6 14:51:28 PST 2009


I would like to post the following CVR Summer conference announcement.



:: Vision in 3D Environments ::

York University, Centre for Vision Research
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2009 Conference Announcement

We are pleased to announce York University’s Centre for Vision Research, 
2009 Conference:

Vision in 3D Environments. It will be held at York University, Toronto, 
June 23rd- 26th, 2009. We have an excellent collection of international 
speakers, and invite poster submissions from students and faculty. As 
part of York University’s 50th celebration we are offering a number of 
awards for local and international students and post-doctoral fellows to 
help support travel and accommodation.

Our list of confirmed speakers is provided below, and registration and 
submission information is available on our website: www.cvr2009.ca

We look forward to seeing you!

For more information please contact Teresa Manini: manini at cvr.yorku.ca 
or the organizers: Laurie Wilcox (lwilcox at yorku.ca) and Michael Jenkin 
(jenkin at cse.yorku.ca).

:: Speaker List ::

William Warren
Heinrich Bulthoff
Gregory Dudek

Visually-Guided Motion
Marc Ernst
Randy Flanagan
Chris Miall
Pieter Medendorp

Cue Integration
Marty Banks
David Knill
Larry Maloney

Depth in Naturalistic Images
Ted Adelson
Barbara Gillam
Roland Fleming

Stereopsis I
Suzanne McKee
Bruce Cumming (NIH)
Brian Rogers (Oxford)

Stereopsis II
Andrew Parker (Oxford)
Ning Qian (Columbia University)
Christopher Tyler

Natural Scene Perception
Tai Sing Lee
Aude Oliva
Russell Epstein

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