[visionlist] Research Institutes and Centers - New Entry Centre for Vision Research

James Zacher zacher at cvr.yorku.ca
Sat Feb 7 09:39:32 PST 2009

Centre for Vision Research

 Founded in 1992, the Centre for Vision Research focusses on 
interdisciplinary research into human and machine vision and visual 
processes, into vision's interactions with other senses and with motor 
and cognitive processes, and in applications such as visually-guided 
robotics or clinical diagnosis and treatment.

 The Centre for Vision Research includes the following major research  

    * Human Visual Performance  
    * Visual Human-Computer Interaction, Graphics and Virtual Reality  
    * Visual Psychophysics  
    * Eye Movements and Hand-Eye Coordination  
    * Computational Modeling and Computer Vision
    * Electrophysiology
    * Clinical and Developmental Studies  
    * Brain Imaging

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