[visionlist] fMRI back projection screen advice

Taosheng Liu tsliu.x at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 14:20:56 PST 2009

Hi all,
  Thanks for all of you who have given suggestions about back projection
screen in fMRI.  It seems that this info. could be useful for many people,
so I'm compiling the advice I got from the list.  Here're the options I

1. Stewart Film screen (
This is what I started from as I've used this screen at NYU, which seems
just fine.  But it's really hard to buy this stuff (too many phone calls,
people, etc. to deal with), which is confirmed by a number of people.
Although one person commented that it's worth the hassle as the quality is
good (I don't have a basis for comparison).

The rest are suggestions from the list, with quotes from the person (I can
provide the source if you need).

2.  Tierney Brothers.* www.tierneybrothers.com*<http://www.tierneybrothers.com/>

"Ask for Zach. They do great work."

 3. "Take a look at Rosco": *http://www.rosco.com/* <http://www.rosco.com/>

4. Screen Tech*

"They have good customer services and reasonable prices, however they are
based in Germany."

5. Da-Lite (*www.dalite.com* <http://www.dalite.com/>).

"We've been very pleased with them."

Hope this is useful.


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