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Chavane Frederic chavane at incm.cnrs-mrs.fr
Tue Feb 17 05:06:48 PST 2009

A postdoctoral position to conduct optical imaging studies of  the 
cortical impact of retinal implant is available at the Mediterranean 
Institute of Cognitive Neurosciences (Marseille, France) with Dr. F. 
Chavane in DyVA team (Dynamics of Vision and Action 
<http://incm.cnrs-mrs.fr/en_equipedyva.php>). Appointment is for two 
years. Start date must be before the end of 2009.

Research focuses on testing the functional impact of retinal implants in 
rats (Salzmann et al (2006) Subretinal electrode implantation in the 
P23H rat for chronic stimulations. British Journal of Ophthalmology vol. 
90 (9) pp. 1183-1187), using optical imaging of intrinsic and 
voltage-sensitive dye signal in the visual cortex of implanted rats. The 
project is part of a consortium financed by the French ANR, whose 
objective is to develop a new generation of  performing large-scale 
multi-electrode array (MEA) implant. The long-term goal of this project 
is to use MEA and the expertise on their functional impact to give 
blind-sighted a coherent visual input through those implants. The 
consortium includes, amongst others, labs experts in retinal implant 
(Institut de la Vision <http://www.fondave.org/Home-page.html?lang=en>, 
S. Picaud) and labs experts in the development of MEA systems (CEA Leti 
Our team has developed multiple optical imaging platforms on monkeys and 
small animals and will be involved in testing the cortical impact of 
implanted rats. The candidate will have the responsibility to develop a 
benchmark model for comparing/calibrating the cortical impact of retinal 
implants stimulation to the functional responses evoked visually.

The Team DyVA investigates the brain dynamics underlying visual motion 
perception and eye movement control or the preparation of reaching 
movements, in close collaboration with the opthalmologic center of 
Marseille main's hospital (la Timone, studying retinal and corneal 
pathologies). In the team, a variety of techniques are being used, from 
physiological measures (optical imaging, electrophysiology in awake 
monkey and rats), to psychophysics, behavioral oculomotor measures 
(ocular following reflex, pursuit etc...) and models.  

Candidates must have a strong motivation on experimental and/or 
ophthalmic research, with interest  in bio-medical applied research.

Essential requirements:
- research background in animal experimentation, vision research or 
related fields
- programming skills (MATLAB preferred)
- a PhD (either completed or expected in 2009)

To apply, send CV, one paragraph research statement and names of 3 
references to: chavane at incm.cnrs-mrs.fr.

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