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Dear Vision Science Career Representative:


I am a subscriber and would like to post the following job to your web
site (see below).  Here are the details:


Where: Washington-DC area

What: Post-doctoral/Visiting Scientist Research: Visual Science and
Visual Cognition in Imagery Analysis



Post-doctoral opportunity for researchers in vision and/or attention


Visiting Scientist Fellowship Program

 Visual Science and Visual Cognition in Imagery Analysis Project 




The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) provides timely,
relevant, and accurate geospatial intelligence in support of national
security objectives.  Geospatial intelligence is the exploitation and
analysis of imagery and geospatial information to describe, assess, and
visually depict physical features and geographically referenced
activities on the Earth.  Information collected and processed by NGA is
tailored for customer-specific solutions.  By giving customers ready
access to geospatial intelligence, NGA provides support to civilian and
military leaders and contributes to the state of readiness of U.S.
military forces.  NGA also contributes to humanitarian efforts such as
tracking floods and fires and in peacekeeping.

NGA is a member of the U.S. Intelligence Community and a Department of
Defense (DoD) Combat Support Agency.  Headquartered in Bethesda, MD, NGA
operates major facilities in the St. Louis, MO and Washington, D.C.
areas.  The Agency also fields support teams worldwide.




Complex visual search and object recognition tasks are major components
of NGA's mission.  Typical "Stimuli" are overhead and terrestrial images
of intelligence value.  Both motion imagery and still images are used.
NGA analysts monitor some facilities on a regular basis; in addition,
they are expected to discern anomalies and changes for geographic areas
that are not closely monitored.  A typical task might be something like
"find all the churches in this urban setting" or "count the cattle in
this field"; another assignment might be to determine if there is
anything "new or unusual" in a rural setting.  


NGA is looking to appoint one or more post-doctoral researchers with
backgrounds in vision and/or attention  to collaborate with imagery
analysts and with scientists who are seeking to improve the agency's
performance in imagery analysis. Selected scientists would have the
opportunity to observe intelligence analysts at work. They would help to
outline a framework for an overall research program, influence and
evaluate tools and methods intended to improve analyst performance, and
perform research of interest to NGA.  


This appointment may include, but is not limited to, the following


*         Develop approximations of intelligence analysis tasks that
might be used in unclassified (e.g. university) research environments

*         Identify variables that could have an impact on analyst
performance, e.g., input data, quality, presentation mode, analyst
background and expectations, work environment, etc.

*         Identify basic research findings likely to be applicable to
the NGA setting

*         Identify factors that limit the applicability of those basic
findings to the NGA setting

*         Develop methods for evaluating behavioral changes in an
operational setting


Several appointments are available at NGA sites or mutually agreeable




Selected fellows will have the opportunity to perform research on topics
of interest to the U.S. Government and to interact with leading
scientists performing research and/or advising NGA.  NGA's extensive
partnering relationships with other government agencies will expose
fellows to a broad government research community.  Program participants
will have the opportunity to meet government decision-makers and learn
directly from them about the role of scientific research in government
activities.  Furthermore, fellows have the opportunity to learn how
research products transition from the proof-of-concept stage to
integrated production systems. 




*	Student applicants must be completing a Ph.D. or post-doctoral
appointment in a field related to vision and/or attention in a work

*         Current college or university faculty members on sabbatical
are also eligible.   

*         Other applicants will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  

*         Applicants should have experience in working within a research
environment and show an ability to conceptualize a broad research agenda
and to plan and execute specific research projects, and to meet task
deadlines and goals.  Applicants should have excellent verbal and
written communication skills.  Modern computer skills and experience in
scientific programming, data visualization, or 3-D graphics are also

*	U.S. citizenship is required for the applicant.  Please see
further eligibility under Security Requirements.
*	A background check will be conducted for a Sensitive
Compartmented Information (SCI) security clearance.  Completion of a
Questionnaire for National Security Positions is required.  Details can
be found under the Security Requirements section.
*	NGA is a drug-free workplace.  Initial and random drug tests
will be conducted. 




Participants will be selected based on a 4-page maximum statement of
research interests, relevant experience, academic performance, overall
technical expertise, publications, recommendations, and compatibility of
background with basic and applied research programs and projects at NGA
and/or the host installation.




The statement of research interests should describe previous research
experience and outline the relevance to this project.  The research
interest statement  is a significant component of the selection criteria
and should be no longer than  four-pages.  NGA and the selected
candidate will work cooperatively to define mutual research assignments
and goals in support of the NGA mission and the candidate's educational




The initial appointment period will vary from 3 months to one year.  The
appointment may be renewed for up to three periods based upon
recommendation of NGA and subject to availability of funds.  This is a
full time residency appointment with NGA.  Work will require SCI
clearances and drug testing, and work will not begin until all security
processes and drug testing are completed successfully.  Applicants
should be aware that

due to security requirements, applications should be submitted no later
than 6 months prior to

desired start date.  During the entire period of the award, participants
must devote their activities to the approved research program and must
be in-residence at an NGA facility or other approved facility and not at
their home institution.  NGA operates major facilities in the St. Louis,
MO and the Washington, D.C. area.  D.C. area facilities will move to
Springfield, VA, in 2011.  NGA approval is required before participants
may accept additional monetary aid or other remuneration from another
fellowship appointment or similar grant during the period of award. 


Participants will be working in a classified environment.  Approval for
any publication of articles or presentations during the appointment is
subject to the NGA process for public release of information.  The
requirement for publications and presentations to undergo a NGA public
release process extends beyond the term of the appointment when a
research product, article, or presentation contains information directly
arising from participation in the appointment.  For inventions conceived
of or reduced to practice during the appointment, the fellow shall
assign to NGA a perpetual world-wide royalty-free non-exclusive
irrevocable license to practice the invention on behalf of the
Government.  An intern or fellow may hold a copyright in information
created by the intern or fellow during the appointment. 




The selected candidate will receive a monthly stipend.  The stipend rate
is determined based upon level of education, training, and experience.
Inbound travel and moving expenses may be considered and reimbursed
according to established policies.  Limited travel and other costs will
also be reimbursed for training related to the project as approved by
the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) and the host
installation.  The participant does not become an NGA employee, and
there are no fringe benefits paid.  


The participant must show proof of health and medical insurance.  Health
plans are available through ORISE for Postgraduate Internship or
Fellowship participants.  The monthly stipend is intended to cover costs
for health and medical insurance.  NGA does not provide additional
compensation for these expenses.  




Applications are accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis. Selections
are made as openings occur throughout the year.  NGA expects there to be
multiple positions.  The Visiting Scientist Program for NGA is
administered by ORISE.  A complete application package consists of: 


*         Application form or a current curriculum vitae containing the
information on the form 

*         2 completed reference forms 

*         4-page maximum statement of research interests 

*         Optional demographic form 


Please reference Project #NGA-LC-2009-16 when calling, emailing, or
writing for information.  For immediate consideration applicants may
forward their resumes or curriculum vitae to the email address listed at
the end of this announcement.  Additional information and application
material can be found on the following website www.orau.org/maryland.




The program is open to qualified U.S. citizens ONLY without regard to
race, sex, religion, color, age, physical or mental disability, national
origin, or status as a Vietnam era or disabled veteran.  


*         The "Questionnaire for National Security Positions," Standard
Form 86 (SF-86) and "Fingerprint Chart," Standard Form 87 (SF-87)
September 04 must be completed by the selectee to initiate a background
investigation. These forms must be received within two weeks of
selection for an appointment, and required clarification must be
completed within two weeks of request. 


*         Top Secret security clearance with access to Sensitive
Compartmented Information (SCI) required (may take 4-5 months to
complete).  Applicants who claim dual citizenship or hold foreign
passports are not eligible for DoD granted security clearances.
Clearance determinations are based upon careful consideration of the

        o Allegiance to the United States 

        o Foreign Influence 

        o Foreign Preference 

        o Sexual Behavior 

        o Personal Conduct 

        o Financial Considerations 

        o Alcohol Consumption 

        o Drug Involvement 

        o Emotional, Mental, and Personality Disorders 

        o Criminal Conduct 

        o Security Violations 

        o Outside Activities 

        o Misuse of Information Technology Systems 

*         Applicants must undergo a comprehensive background
investigation and be adjudicated in accordance with the guidelines set
by "Director of Central Intelligence Directive 6/4" and DoD 5200.2-R,
"Department of Defense Personnel Security Program Regulation."
Available, reliable information about the person, past and present,
favorable and unfavorable will be considered in reaching a
determination.  Each case will be judged on its own merits, and any
doubt concerning personnel being considered for access to classified
information will be resolved in favor of national security. 

*         A counterintelligence polygraph may be required. 

*         NGA is a drug-free workplace.  Initial and random drug tests
will be conducted. 




Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education

4692 Millennium Drive, Suite 101

Belcamp, MD 21017

Email: ORAUMaryland at orau.org 

Fax: (410) 306-9306

Web : www.orau.org/Maryland




Thank you,

Laura Cook


Laura Cook


Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) | Oak Ridge
Associated Universities (ORAU)

4692 Millennium Drive | Suite 101 | Belcamp, MD 21017

(Office): 410.306.9200 x104 | (Blackberry): 410.925.1803 | (Fax):

Email: Laura.Cook at ORAU.org <mailto:Kim.Myers at ORAU.org>  

Web:   www.ORAU.org/Maryland <http://www.orau.org/Maryland> 


We now have a new on-line application at:


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