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Sang-Hun Lee visionsl at snu.ac.kr
Wed Aug 26 06:46:54 PDT 2009

Functional MRI (fMRI) Physicist Position

The Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences (BCS, http://bcs.snu.ac.kr 
) at Seoul National University (SNU) invites applications for an open  
functional MRI (fMRI) physicist position. The cognitive neuroscience  
laboratories in BCS pursue brain research on various topics including  
perception, attention, memory & learning, decision making, emotion,  
psychopathological disorders, computational neuroanatomy, molecular  
neuroimaging, etc., by means of functional and structural imaging. The  
imaging facility is equipped with a 3 T whole body scanner (Siemens  
Tim Trio inc. 32-ch head coil).

The research scientist would be responsible for high-level technical  
support and research management. This support would include pulse  
sequence development and modification, hardware implementation, fMRI  
paradigm programming, post processing development, and data  
management, working alongside BCS members of the System & Behavioral  
Neuroscience Group and the Clinical Neuroscience & Computational  
Neuroanatomy Group. It's anticipated that the research scientist will  
have about 30% to 50% time free for independent research and also be  
engaged in his/her own research projects to develop novel and improved  
MRI sequences for functional and morphological neuroimaging, including  
the following possible projects:

High-resolution functional and anatomical imaging;
Reducing susceptibility artifacts in fMRI;
Motion-insensitive MRI sequences and online/offline motion correction  
Parallel imaging;
Applicants should have, or be close to obtaining, a PhD in physics or  
biomedical engineering, or have equivalent research experience, with a  
strong background in MR sequence development. Desired skills and  
interests include: pulse programming, fast imaging techniques, high  
resolution fMRI techniques, image reconstruction, quantitative  
functional imaging, MRI hardware development, and multi-modal  
integration. The applicant must be highly independent, able to work  
with a large team, and highly motivated to develop novel methods for  

This position is available immediately and will be given the title of  
Research Professor in BCS pending approval by Seoul National  
University. The position will be funded until August 2013 and is  
renewable. Applicants should send via email a curriculum vitae, and  
two letters of recommendation to Sang-Hun Lee (Acting Chair of BCS and  
the leader of System & Behavioral Neuroscience Unit), Ph.D., Room 504,  
Building 152-1, Lotte International Education Hall, Department of  
Brain & Cognitive Sciences, Seoul National University, 599, Gwank-ro,  
Gwanak-gu, Seoul 151-742, Korea, +82-2-880-9129, visionsl at snu.ac.kr,  
by Oct 1, 2009.

Sang-Hun Lee

Associate Professor of Brain & Cognitive Sciences
Seoul National University

phone: +82-2-880-9129
fax +82-2-880-6428
e-mail: visionsl at snu.ac.kr
web: http://vni.snu.ac.kr

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