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Oili Kohonen okohonen at cc.joensuu.fi
Wed Sep 30 03:53:55 PDT 2009

CGIV 2010/MCS'10
5th European Conference on Colour in Graphics, Imaging and Vision/
12th International Symposium on Multispectral Colour Science

Dates: June 14 - June 18, 2010
Location: Joensuu, Finland

Submission Deadline: November 15, 2009
Prospective authors are invited to submit a 6-8 page paper (~3600-5000 
words) of original work to be presented at the conference.

To facilitate the rigorous double-blind review process
(names of authors are not disclosed until the review is
complete; reviewers remain anonymous) authors are
requested to place all identifying information on a sepa-
rate cover sheet.

Technical areas:
* Art in Colour Imaging
   - Colour in Printmaking
   - Colour in Electronic and Media Art
   - Digital Applications of Colour in Art

* Colour Science
   - Colour Difference Equations
   - Colour Measurement
   - Colour Matching Functions
   - Indices of Colour Inconstancy and Metamerism
   - Uniform Colour Spaces
   - Colour Appearance Models

* Computational Colour
   - Colour in Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision
     (industrial inspection, recognition of skin colours, biometric,
      medical, and microscopy applications)
   - Colour-Image Encoding and Compression
   - Colour for Image Retrieval, Database Browsing, and Video Processing
   - Colour Processing in Digital Cameras: Demosaicing, Stitching, Super
     Resolution and New Colour Imaging Technologies

* Colour in Computer Graphics
   - High Dynamic Range Images Rendering
   - Appearance Modeling
   - Appearance Prediction
   - Perceptual Issues in Computer Graphics

* Colour Reproduction
   - Colour Capture, Printing, Display, and Projection
   - Device Calibration, Characterization and Modeling
   - Gamut Mapping
   - Digital Cinema

* Colour Image Quality
   - Standards, Colour Image Compression and Processing Quality Assessment
   - Colour Video Compression
   - Evaluation Methodologies for Assessment of Colour Imaging Equipment
     and Systems
   - New Metrics and Human Visual System Models for Colour Imaging
   - End-to-End Image Quality Assessment and Monitoring in Industrial

* Colour Vision/Psychophysics
   - Colour and Material Perception in Natural Images
   -  Colour Discrimination and Spatio-chromatic Interactions
   -  Colour Constancy
   -  Colour Memory and Colour Cognition

* Colour Image and Video Processing
   - Video Processing
   - Pre-processing (normalization, etc.)
   - Filtering (especially non-linear Filtering) and Enhancement
   - Segmentation (including performance evaluation of segmentation)
   - Image Sequence Processing (temporal colour Filters, tracking, etc.)
   - Colour in Medical Image Processing

* Multispectral Colour Science MCS'10
   - Spectral Image Capture, Processing, and Analysis
   - Spectral Image Quality
   - Spectral Image Visualization, Display, and Reproduction
   - Spectral Optimization of Light Sources and Displays
   - Spectral Image Applications

More information: www.imaging.org/conferences/cgiv2010

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