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Andrew Stockman a.stockman at ucl.ac.uk
Wed Oct 28 05:54:36 PDT 2009

The CVRL website at: http://www.cvrl.org has (at last) been extensively


The database now includes the Stiles & Burch individual 2 and 10 deg color
matching data, and the new CIE "physiologically-relevant" colorimetric and
photometric functions tabulated at 0.1, 1 and 5 nm steps.


The principal data sets can now be downloaded either as ascii csv files
(comma separated values) or ascii xml files (extensible markup language), or
they can be viewed as html tables or as a dynamic graphical plots. Other
data sets can be downloaded as csv files, or in most cases viewed as plots.


Other new features include information about CVRL, links to our
publications, a new image gallery, expandable equations, and a search


Please take a look!


We welcome corrections, comments, suggestions and contributions. We would be
especially grateful for updates to the pages under the menu items
"Miscellaneous" and "Background information", some of which have not been
updated for several years. Updates and new contributions will be gratefully
and lavishly acknowledged!


Please e-mail a.stockman at ucl.ac.uk


The site has been checked for compatibility with other browsers. Most things
seem to work, except that the equations do not expand in Safari. Please let
us know if there are other problems.


The legacy address: http://www-cvrl.ucsd.edu still forwards requests to the
web server in London, but is vulnerable to changes in the server IP address
and location. Please update your link to  http://www.cvrl.org over which we
have control.


Andrew Stockman




Andrew Stockman
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