[visionlist] Spikerbox

William Simpson william.simpson at plymouth.ac.uk
Sat Oct 31 09:14:41 PDT 2009

I thought people on visionlist would be interested in the

It is a $100 box that allows anybody to do electrophysiology expts. I think it would be ideal for student labs. They plan to offer classroom kits with instructional materials.

Yes, you read it right: real single cell recording for $100!!

In their words:
"We are developing, using off-the-shelf components, low cost amplifiers and manipulators for experimenting with the nervous system of insects. Our goal is to increase the public's understanding of nervous system function through the development of low-cost tools. Currently, students need only a laptop with a line-in input [i.e. microphone jack] to record the neural activity. We are developing our device to work with the XO to demonstrate extremely low-cost high-accessibility science."

Once the data are in the computer, they view and signal process the data using the open source programme Audacity.

The Spikerbox is in final development stages. they hope to have production units in Dec.


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