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Hi Peter,


I'm not sure. 


I found a very detailed review of the Samsung at the link below; he even did
response time matrix tests based on color to color and shows that the 120 hz
mode gives a nice even response time across colors:




He also looked at how the monitor fills the color space but I do not know if
it is better or worse than normal for an LCD.


I could not find a detailed review of the Viewsonic model.





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Nice find Sol !


Do you have any info on the RGB resolution of the glass?  Most I've seen are
8 bits; some only 6 bits, plus some temporal dithering to "fake" 8 bits.


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On 2009-11-11, at 6:17 AM, Sol Simpson wrote:

Hi Michael,

Yes, I think we may have lucked out with these monitors. 

The only 'downside' in terms of updating time is that they seem to update
the display in a scanning fashion like a CRT; it would have been nicer if
they updated the display all at one time like some LCDs seem to (the same
LCDS have buffering issues and long response times too though).

Perhaps one can follow the rule: 

if they offer stereo, than it's an unbuffered display.

I am not sure about this. For example, the Infocus DepthQ 120 Hz DLP
projector (http://www.projectorcentral.com/pdf/projector_spec_2850.pdf) that
has been around for years has a 1 frame internal buffer (we tested and
confirmed this, and the spec sheets also reports it!). It is DLP though, not

Thanks again,


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Dear Sol:

We used the BBTK (http://www.blackboxtoolkit.co.uk/)

yes, I had already looked that up, looks good, even runs on my preferred
platform ;).

to test the timing using photo sensors and TTL outputs...

That's a perfect way to test this. But this means that you were sort of
lucky to find out that these monitors did have these desirable properties?
And others presumably didn't? It would really be great if the manufacturers
would mention this. 

Perhaps one can follow the rule: if they offer stereo, than it's an
unbuffered display.

Thanks & best, Michael.
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