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*time to register for….*

*HVEI:  the Conference on Human Vision and Electronic Imaging*

under the aegis of the IS&T/SPIE Symposium on Electronic Imaging

January 18-21, 2010;  San Jose Conference Center, San Jose, California

General Chairs:  Bernice
Rogowitz<http://sites.google.com/site/bernicerogowitz/>and Thrasos
Pappas <http://www.eecs.northwestern.edu/%7Epappas/>

HVEI (http://www.hvei.org) is a multidisciplinary conference, where
scientists, engineers and artists explore perceptual and cognitive issues
related to electronic imaging and media systems.   The program includes
technical presentations, dynamic discussion sessions, interactive poster
sessions, short courses, and social events, fostering communication and
collaboration across boundaries.  Register on line at:
http://spie.org/x30181.xml     Click here to see the complete program and

The program this year covers a wide range of topics, featuring fundamental
research in vision, perception, and cognition, with applications to image
quality, video, high-dynamic range imaging, tactile perception,
visualization, virtual reality, brain imaging, art and aesthetics.  Some
highlights include:

*Keynote presentations* by *Georges Grinstein* (UMass) on grand challenges
in visualization,  *Roger Kendall* (UCLA) on the semiotics of visual, sound
and musical structures, * John Sexton* (photographer) on how he and Ansel
Adams represented the range of light, and *Steven Palmer* (UCBerkeley) on
color, aesthetics and emotion.

 *Special sessions in:  *

   - *Advanced Brain Imaging, Perception and Cognition*,  chaired by Lora
   Likova and Stan Klein, consisting of six invited talks ranging from methods
   to meditation
   - *Artificial Retina*, chaired by Mel Sahyun, on the interface between
   integrated circuit design and perception
   - *Visual, Auditory and Tactile Perception*, chaired by Thrasos Pappas,
   including papers on texture perception and cross-modality interactions.
   - *Advances in Image Quality, *chaired by Eli Peli, aimed at driving new
   perceptual research in this important applied area.
   - *Art and Science Render the High Dynamic Range World*, organized by
   John McCann, including an invited talk by Carinna Parraman on artistic
   techniques for rendering high dynamic range and a tour of the Ansel Adams
   exhibit at the SJMA
   - *Art, Aesthetics and Perception*, chaired by Hawley Rising and
   Christopher Tyler, drawing inspiration from the worlds of art,
   psychophysics, imaging and computer vision.

*Short courses* on Sunday, January 17th:

   - *Perception, Cognition and Next Generation Imaging*, Bernice Rogowitz
   - *Perceptual Metrics for Image Quality Evaluation*, Thrasyvoulos Pappas
   and Sheila Hemami

*The HVEI* * Banquet*, on Monday, January 18th, at the nearby Il Fornaio
restaurant, $58.00.    *Miguel Eckstein* will talk on, “Individual
differences in perceptual performance, oculomotor behavior, and visually
evoked neural activity”.  Download your form here:
http://www.hvei.org/banquets.  Be sure to reply by January 13th.

We look forward to seeing you in San Jose!

Bernice Rogowitz and Thrasos Pappas, and the technical program

All the best,

Bernice E. Rogowitz, Ph.D.
Visual Perspectives
Vision and Visual Analysis Consulting
(914) 441-5650
bernice.e.rogowitz at gmail.com
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