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Openings for PhD positions on biomedical MRI image analysis at Freiburg 
University Hospital, Department of Diagnostic Radiology-Research unit, 

The Freiburg University Hospital, Department of Diagnostic 
Radiology-Research unit, Germany, is a large international institute 
consisting of over 60 scientists. The institute has two openings for PhD 
candidates on the post-acquisition analysis of MRI images. The data 
processed will be from preclinical mice imaging, clinical studies, and 
pharmaceutical studies. The methods developed will make extensive use of 
robust graph analysis. The work will be done together with the Department 
of Computer Science of the University of Freiburg. 

The first position will be on the analysis of longitudinal data from 
clinical and pharmaceutical studies for the development of improved 
biomarkers. The data will be multi-contrast and may require joint 
restoration for acquisition artifacts. The segmentation algorithms 
developed will be able to efficiently incorporate user adjustments. Also, 
the algorithms will take advantage of statistical priors such as for the 
restoration and the anatomy. Some examples include the analysis of white 
matter brain lesions in studies of Alzheimer?s and the analysis of 
longitudinal imaging data for kidney pathology. 
The second position will involve the problems of non-rigid registration 
and segmentation in real time spatiotemporal medical imaging data. The 
objective will be to establish voxel correspondences between temporally 
adjacent frames to improve the within frame segmentation and vice versa. 
In some MRI image sequences the tissue contrast can also vary with time. 
In these cases a temporal profile for tissue contrast must also be 
established. One such example is the analysis of data from abdominal 
dynamic contrast enhanced MRI for possible tumor identification. 

More information about the research at the department of diagnostic 
radiology is available from 
http://www.uniklinik-freiburg.de/mr/live/index_en.html. The research 
resources include several 1.5Tesla and 3Tesla human MRI systems as well as 
a 9.4Tesla small animal system. The department shares access to a 7Tesla 
human MRI system in collaboration with other regional academic 
institutions. It also has several ongoing industrial collaborations. 
Information about the computer science department of the University of 
Freiburg is available from http://www.informatik.uni-freiburg.de/. 

The background of a candidate should be in computer science, electrical 
engineering, applied mathematics/physics, biomedical engineering or 
another related field. The University requires a Master?s degree or 
equivalent qualifications. Course work and project experience on 
algorithms in C++ and on image analysis will be particularly valued. To 
apply you can first send your resume, a 1-2 page summary of your Master?s 
research project, and a short letter with research preferences to Stathis 
Hadjidemetriou at: 
efstathios.hadjidemetriou at uniklinik-freiburg.de 
You can also use this email address for further information. The starting 
date is 1/July/2010. EU citizens and international students are encouraged 
to apply.

The town of Freiburg, http://www.freiburg.de, is located at the southwest 
corner of Germany and provides easy access to neighboring France and 
Switzerland. It is in the proximity of the mountains of the Black Forest 
and has the warmest climate in the country. It offers many options for 
cultural, leisure, and outdoor activities. 
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