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Nominations are open for two 4-year positions on the Vision Sciences Society
Board of Directors. The Board's responsibilities include scheduling the
Annual Meeting, implementing and monitoring VSS policies, budget oversight,
and other organizational activities. The Board meets twice a year, during
the Annual Meeting and in late January.

Any regular VSS member in good standing may be nominated, with the exception
of individuals now on the board, or who have served on the board within the
last four years.

Each nomination must be endorsed by 3 regular VSS members. One person should
email the nomination to shauneywilson at visionsciences.org with a cc: to the
other two nominators. The other two nominators should indicate their
endorsement by forwarding the nominating email to
shauneywilson at visionsciences.org. Please include a recent vita and a short
paragraph describing the qualifications of the nominee, as well as an
assurance that the nominee is willing to serve.


The VSS bylaws provide for a Nominating Committee, composed of VSS members
who are highly respected scientists chosen to represent the broad range of
disciplines representative of VSS members (the VSS President chairs the
Nominating Committee). The current members of the Nominating Committee are
Oliver Braddick, Mel Goodale, Norma Graham, Eileen Kowler, and Tony Movshon.
For each open Director position, the Nominating Committee selects from the
nominees a slate of two candidates who are highly respected scientists and
who, when added to the Board of Directors, would result in broad
representation of the disciplines representative of VSS members.


The names, term-end dates and areas of expertise of the Board members are
listed below. Board terms end immediately after the VSS meeting of the year

Marisa Carrasco (2012)
Visual attention, visual search, perceptual learning, spatial vision;
psychophysics and neuroimaging

Barbara Dosher (2013)
Visual memory, visual attention, perceptual learning; psychophysics and
computational modeling

Karl Gegenfurtner (2013)
Color vision, eye movements, perception and action, natural scenes, visual
cognition; psychophysics and computational modeling

Wilson Geisler (2010)
Spatial vision, natural scenes, visual search; psychophysics and
computational modeling

Zoe Kourtzi (2012)
Shape processing, object recognition, perceptual learning, brain imaging

Pascal Mamassian (2012)
3D perception, binocular vision, motion, ambiguous and rivalrous perception,
multisensory perception, perception and action; psychophysics and
computational modeling

Tony Movshon (2011)
Neural mechanisms, motion perception, spatial vision, visual development;
neurophysiology, psychophysics, animal behavior

Bill Geisler will leave the Board after the Annual Meeting in May. The
addition of two positions this year is due to anomalies in the timing of
earlier terms of service. Last year, three Board members stepped down
(Allison Sekuler, Mary Peterson, and Steve Shevell) while only two were
elected (Barbara Dosher and Karl Gegenfurtner).

February 3, 2010 Nominations open
March 2, 2010 Nominations close
April 1, 2010 Election begins (online)
April 26, 2010 Election ends
May 1, 2010 Election results announced


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