[visionlist] Flat Panels and/or Projectors for Neurophysiology

vincent ferrera vpf3 at columbia.edu
Thu Apr 8 20:29:01 GMT 2010

I know the topic of displays comes up frequently and I should  
probably go through the archives to review past discussions.  But it  
seems like it's been a few months, so I hope people don't mind if I  
raise it again.

I'm looking for a flat panel display or projector to use in visual  
neurophysiology experiments.  The issues are the following:

1. Display size - We need 40 inches diagonal or larger.

2. Timing consistency.  How much of a delay is introduced by the  
digital circuitry and is it fixed or random?

3. Black level.  How close to zero luminance can you go?

4. Does it take analog inputs (VGA, RGB, or 13W3)?

5. Frame rate.  Is it fixed at 60 Hz or can you go higher?  If you  
ask for >60Hz, do you actually get it or does the digital circuitry  
downsample to 60Hz?

6. Color separation - are the R, G and B images presented  
sequentially (such that they appear to separate when you make an eye  
movement) or simultaneously?

7. Other digital processing issues that prevent the displayed image  
from being related in a straightforward way to what you would expect  
based on the output of the the video card (i.e. contents of video  
memory filtered through output DACs).



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