[visionlist] Journal of Vision News: Download Reports, "JOV-index: Top 20" Added

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Thu Apr 22 05:00:09 GMT 2010

New Table: JOV-index: Top 20

available at http://journalofvision.org/info/downloadreports.aspx.


As part of our effort to provide useful and interesting metrics derived from articles in the Journal of Vision, we now provide a new statistic: the JOV-index. The JOV-index of a JOV author is the number of times that author is cited in JOV articles. We present a table of the top 20 JOV-index authors at http://journalofvision.org/info/DownloadReports.aspx.

Because of their digital format, online journals enable relatively easy calculation of article, author, and reader metrics. We hope to provide additional metrics in the future.

We hope that authors and readers will find these metrics useful.

Andrew B. Watson
Journal of Vision   

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