[visionlist] Is the FULL LED technology appropriate for my experiment??

Paweł Nawrot Pawel.Nawrot at amu.edu.pl
Mon May 17 19:40:35 GMT 2010

Hello everybody,

I would like to buy 40" or 42" FULL HD TV for my experiments. My budget 
amounts to about 1000$.
Features I would like to have in it:
a) a homogeneous highlighting of  the screen. I will set a participant 
in a dark room, about 1,5m in front of the full black screen on which he 
will look at a small white cross.
b) the screen without glare layer on it. I don't want a participant to 
look at his own "mirror image" while doing experiment in bright room.

My considerations:

First, I have been trying to get to know as much as possible about LCD 
and plasma technology. Secondly, I saw some models of each group in a 
supermarket to check if very good tv's specification is adequate to my 
visual impression. I tested bright-grey cross which was static and then 
dynamic on the black background. I connected it to TV by VGA port of my 
notebook. The highest frequency of displayed picture was 60Hz.

Plasma - Panasonic Panasonic TX-P42G10E </2460272> - excellent contrast 
and homogenous background in the dark. Contrast isn't so high in the 
brightness than in the dark but it is caused by grey-green colour of 
screen. Main video specs: Contrast: Black Native: 40,000:1; 600 Hz 
Sub-field Drive; Shades of Gradation 6,144 equivalent.
The worst thing is that when cross is moving (velocity about 3cm/sec) 
there is tiny smudge (surprisingly! despite of 600Hz technology). To 
gain bright-grey colour the screen displays cross which is MROWIEJąCY. 
Additionally, the bright cross is seen as double (sign and his ghost) 
when you look not in front of it - it is caused by light reflected from 
the glass surface of exterior, glare (!), protective layer put on the 

LCD - LG 42LH5000 - black, mat screen. Great contrast in the brightness, 
worse in the dark. Highlighting is situated in screen's edges, and in 
the dark this technology causes glows radiate from edges - this is the 
worst thing in this TV! There is no smudge while the cross is moving, 
and its bright-grey colour is stable.

I'm thinking about the new LCD from Sharp, with FULL LED technology, 
model LC-40LE700E. I saw it on-live in a supermarket, but I couldn't try 
it with the bright-grey cross and black background.

I will be grateful for feedback from you,

Pawel Nawrot
Laboratory of Vision Science and Optometry
Adam Mickiewicz Univeristy in Poznan, Poland

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