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Call for Papers: Special issue on Vision Science and Ophthalmic Optics

Studies on the structure and function of the human visual system have  
benefited vastly by adapting devices and techniques developed in other  
fields. Be it the simple ophthalmoscope or adaptive optics; optical
coherence tomography or optical wave-guiding;  wavelet decomposition  
techniques or signal detection theory. Cross-fertilization , however,  
occurs both ways. Understanding of the visual system has been  
translated to many other fields. For example visual display  
technologies, like 3-D displays,
high resolution mini displays in portable devices; loss-less  
compressing formats for digital pictures and video; smart security  
systems, biometric techniques for security, etc.  Conversely, Vision  
science has grown by continuously adopting and developing new  
This special issue in the Journal of Modern Optics aims to bring  
together cutting edge research showcasing the cross fertilization of  
vision science with other fields. The editors welcome manuscripts of  
original research work or reviews in (but not restricted to) vision  
science, physiological optics, imaging instrumentation and image  
processing, optics of the eye, both from humans and other species,  
colorimetry and translational technology.

Editors of this special issue are:

Vasudevan Lakshminarayanan, University of Waterloo, Canada
L. Srinivasa Varadharajan, Elite School of Optometry, Chennai, India
Luis Diaz-Santana, City University, London, UK
Linda Lundstrom, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden

Deadline date: November 01, 2010.  Please contact the editors if there  
are any questions.

Author instructions can be found in :  

All papers are submitted online at: http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com:80/tmop

Please note that this is for the Special issue on Vision Science and  
Ophthalmic Optics
JMO (formerly Optica Acta) is taking a special interest in publishing  
articles relating to vision science, and in this connection has  
published a few special issues in the past few years.  These include:
1. Imaging the eye (2010)
2. Special issue on Stiles Crawford Effect and Photoreceptor Optics (2009)
3. Special issue on the 3rd European Conference on Physiological Optics (2008)
4. Special issue on Applications in Photometry, Radiometry and  
Colorimetry (2009)

Vasudevan (Vengu) Lakshminarayanan
Professor of Optometry(Vision Science), Physics and Electrical Engineering
University of Waterloo
200 University Avenue West
Waterloo, Ontario N2l 3G1

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