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Special Issue: Neurobiology of Choice

Hosting Journal: Frontiers in Decision Neuroscience
Host Editors: Julia Trommershaeuser, Daeyeol Lee, Paul Glimcher

Abstract Submission Deadline: September 15, 2010
Article Submission Deadline: December 15, 2010

Web site: http://frontiersin.org/decision%20neuroscience/specialtopics/neurobiology_of_choice/95

Description: Research on economic decision-making seeks to understand how subjects choose between plans of action (lotteries, gambles, prospects) that have economic consequences. The key difficulty in making such decisions is that typically no plan of action available to the decision-maker guarantees a specific outcome, rather, consequences are risky or uncertain. More recently, researchers in psychology, behavioral and computational neuroscience and psychology have started to apply these theoretical principles to studying choice behavior and its neural basis in the laboratory, for instance in electrophysiological studies of animals making choices for primary reward such as juice and neuroimaging studies of humans making choices for money. Moreover, researchers across all these fields are, in parallel, studying how decisions are guided by learning and how the computations relevant to decisions and choices are represented neurally. This emerging field of theoretically grounde
d decision neuroscience is now known as "neuroeconomics." With this Special Topic, we aim to solicit contributions from researchers from the fields of neurobiology, behavioral and computational neuroscience and economics which discuss the neural computations underlying decision-making and adaptive behavior. 


Like all research published with Frontiers, the articles will be freely available on the Internet and submitted to PubMed Central for archiving. To allow open access to articles, the authors pay a publishing fee, which amounts to Eur900 for regular authors or Eur720 for Frontiers Associate Editors.  For more information, you may refer to the Frontiers Special Topic page, where you can get further guidance and browse past Special Topics. 
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Remember to register with Frontiers, as all submissions will have to be made through the online system on their website.

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