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  *Erasmus Mundus -- European M.Sc in Color in Informatics & Media 
Technology, Scholarships*

The CIMET online application platform for academic programme 2011-13 is 
now open! The deadline for application is the 28^th of January 2011.

M.Sc. CIMET is a first class and unique European Master's programme 
providing a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to the field of 
imaging science, photonics, computer vision, optics and multimedia 
technology. The study programme is geared towards both scientific 
research and applicative research for all major industries.

Offered by four top-level academic partners in France, Spain, Finland 
and Norway, it is accredited and partly funded by the European 
Commission. Major companies such as Technicolor, Nokia, HP, Tecnalia, 
Multiscan, Indra, Innovae vision, GLS, VGA, IVR, Infaimon or Unitronics 

CIMET is one of the Master Courses selected by the prestigious Erasmus 
Mundus programme of the European Commission through which students from 
non-European Union countries and European Union countries are eligible 
for two-year grants of up to EUR24,000 per year.

Readmore: www.master-erasmusmundus-color.eu 

Apply online at: 


Erasmus Mundus CIMET International Master Programme,
2011-2013 Admission (students and scholars)

Master Course "Color in Informatics and Media Technology" (CIMET)

The CIMET consortium is composed of University of Saint-Etienne 
(France), University of Eastern Finland (Finland), University of Granada 
(Spain) and University College Gjovik (Norway) and delivers the two-year 
Master programme entitled "Color in Informatics and Media Technology" 
(CIMET) under the prestigious Erasmus Mundus programme.

CIMET is a two-year Master course (120 ECTS) with an interdisciplinary 
approach on the field of color science and technology, it encompasses 
photonics, computer vision and imaging science, computer science and 
multimedia technology as a mix of relevant theoretical and practical 
CIMET (www.master-erasmusmundus-color.eu) is part of the prestigious 
Erasmus Mundus programme 
and has launched its campaign to recruit students and visiting scholars 
(PhD minimum) for the 2011-2013 programme.

The programme requests high mobility, but it is possible to mainly study 
in one host university and attend only one semester in another 
university. All courses are given in English throughout the consortium. 
To qualify for admission, applicants must have a Bachelor degree (180 
ECTS) in computer science, physics, mathematics or similar field.

The CIMET consortium is also able to host academics specialized in the 
fields of optics, colour, image and media technology. Scholars (PhD 
minimum) will be expected to contribute to the teaching of one 
compulsory course or one optional specialization course, under the 
direction of a permanent teacher at the host institution. Those Non-EU 
visiting scholars, if selected, can benefit from an attractive fellowship.

Below are the details of the various scholarships (students) and 
fellowships (scholars) available and the deadlines for application:
Erasmus Mundus Scholarship and Fellowship:
Student category A, for International Students (Non-EU): 48,000EUR for 
the two-year course.
Student category B, for EU Students or Non-EU students who have stayed 
more than 12 months in the EU: 20,000EUR for the two-year course.
Scholar fellowship: from 2400EUR for a two-week stay to a maximum of 
14,800 for a 3 months stay.

CIMET tuition fees: EU students: 4,000EUR per academic year/ Non-EU 
students: 8,000EUR per academic year
CIMET Consortium scholarship (only available for non Erasmus Mundus 
scholarship holders): Certain selected students (EU/non-EU) can obtain a 
50% discount on the CIMET tuition fees.

Deadlines for online application for 2011-2013 Erasmus Mundus CIMET 
Master Course:

28th of January 2011:
.    Non-EU students applying for Erasmus Mundus scholarship. 48,000EUR 
for the two-year course.
.    EU students applying for EU Erasmus Mundus scholarship. 20,000EUR 
for the two-year course.
.    Non-EU students who have been EU resident for a minimum of 12 
months, applying for Erasmus Mundus Scholarship. 20,000EUR for the 
two-year course.

15th of May 2011:
.    Non-EU students applying for the consortium scholarship (i.e.: 
reducing the tuition fee by half)
.    Non-EU self-sponsored students.
.    EU self-sponsored students.
.    Scholars

For further information about our CIMET Master course and about our 
application procedure for the course and/or the scholarships and 
fellowship, please consult: www.master-erasmusmundus-color.eu

Apply at: 

General information about the Erasmus Mundus Programme is available on: 

For further queries or questions you may contact us directly at: 
master.cimet at univ-st-etienne.fr

Helene GOODSIR - CIMET Administrative Coordinator
Master Erasmus Mundus CIMET - Color in Informatics and MEdia Technology

Coordinating Institution - University Jean Monnet
Faculty of Science&  Technology -- Carnot Campus
Bat.B, 18 rue Professeur Lauras
Tel : +334 77 91 57 30
Fax : +334 77 91 57 26
helene.goodsir at univ-st-etienne.fr

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