[visionlist] CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: SHREC'12 - 3D Shape Retrieval Contest 2012

Saadia Iftikhar saadia.iftikhar06 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 15:12:39 GMT 2012

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: SHREC'12 - 3D Shape Retrieval Contest 2012
At EUROGRAPHICS 2012 - Workshop on 3D Object Retrieval
This is to invite you to participate in SHREC 2012. For information
about how to register, datasets, and deadlines, see the website for
each of the tracks:
•	3D Mesh Segmentation
Organizers: Guillaume Lavoué (LIRIS/INSA Lyon), Jean-Philippe
Vandeborre (LIFL, TELECOM Lille1), Halim Benhabiles (Le2i, Université
de Bourgogne)
Contact: liste-shrec12-segmentation”at”telecom-lille1.eu and Guillaume
Lavoue glavoue”at”liris.cnrs.fr
Web page:  http://www-rech.telecom-lille1.eu/shrec2012-segmentation/

•	Stability on Abstract Shapes
Organizers: Silvia Biasotti and Michela Spagnuolo (CNR-IMATI)
Contact: silvia.biasotti”at”ge.imati.cnr.it
Info: Register for the track by sending an email to Silvia Biasotti
(silvia.biasotti”at”ge.imati.cnr.it) with the subject "Registration
for SHREC12: Stability on abstract shapes".
Web page:  http://wwww.ge.imati.cnr.it/node/119/view

•	Sketch-based 3D Shape Retrieval
Organizers: Bo Li, Afzal Godil (NIST), Tobias Schreck (University of Konstanz)
Contact: shrec"at"nist.gov
Web page: http://www.itl.nist.gov/iad/vug/sharp/contest/2012/SBR

•	Generic 3D Model Retrieval
Organizers: Bo Li, Afzal Godil (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
Contact: shrec"at"nist.gov
Web page: http://www.itl.nist.gov/iad/vug/sharp/contest/2012/Generic3D

See http://www.aimatshape.net/event/SHREC/ for examples of
organizational aspects of previous tracks.

Saadia Iftikhar

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