[visionlist] Another freebie, to a good home

Gislin Dagnelie gislin at lions.med.jhu.edu
Thu Feb 2 21:18:20 GMT 2012

SRI DPI eyetracker in mint condition:

One more item that we're trying to shed before our upcoming move.  If 
you've always wanted to own an authentic SRI Dual Purkinje Image eye 
tracker, this one's for you!

This vintage monocular beauty dates back to about 1988 and comes with a 
sturdy frame (easily disassembled for transport), chin and forehead rests, 
exam chair, bite bar holder, and complete rack-mounted electronics, as well 
as upgraded (~2002) control PCs and software, analog monitors to present 
stimuli and observe Purkinje images, etc.

Transportation will be your only problem.  First come first served.

More info: gislin at jhu.edu

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