[visionlist] Freebies have been spoken for

Gislin Dagnelie gislin at lions.med.jhu.edu
Fri Feb 3 22:09:19 GMT 2012

Thanks to all who responded and offered good homes for the Tuebingen 
perimeter and/or SRI DPI eyetracker.

Several people responded quickly and seemed to have excellent use for 
these heirlooms.  I have e-mailed them personally, so they know who they 
are.  To everyone else:  I hope you'll get another opportunity soon.

Best regards,
Gislin Dagnelie, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Ophthalmology
Lions Vision Research & Rehab Center
Johns Hopkins Univ. Sch. of Medicine
550 N. Broadway, 6th floor
Baltimore, MD 21205-2020      USA

E-mail: gislin at jhu.edu    It's a small world after E-mail!

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